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Programming and making games used to be tedious and difficult. Even now, I believe most of the top games are still made with lots of time and effort. But that doesn’t mean hobbyist and games enthusiasts cannot have a hand in games making. There can be a few reasons why some people would like to build a game. Maybe for a school project, just as an interest, testing out the market, inspired by Apple games or for monetary benefits.

It used to be that computer games require lines of codes just to make a ‘turtle’ move from one point to another. And a complicated game can be a daunting task for one programmer alone.

Nowadays, even a young kid may even program a game, especially the game doesn’t require much or any programming. But such game creation software does require simple understanding of logic and software components & functions. Due to the complicated, varied nature of games, evidently the functions may be numerous. But learning the software does not have to be overwhelming to start, especially if you just master or create a very simple game to kick off.  This is good for building confidence, figuring if this is what you want to do long term, and as a learning step by ‘dividing and conquering’ rather than just give up after feeling overwhelmed.

There are a few software to create games without programming. You may consider Game Salad. Why? Because I think it has a clean, clear interface, and two it has a good cross platform support for both the game creator and published games. And you can start for free. This is important because some people just want to test if this is what they want first before dumping hundreds into this ‘adventure’. Game Salad is for modern, 2D cartoon style game creation.

Why learn on Mobile Games Development on Udemy? Well, I like organised, well recorded, and easily downloadable for devices offline viewing.

There are a few GameSalad® learning courses. And GameSalad® on youtube. Well, Jamie ‘s course is not too short and and I like taking a longer course with more details. Jamie gives clear instructions to step you through the game creation. You don’t have to pay for anything to tryGameSalad® and start creating the game with Jamie’s video instructions. Your call and decision if you do decide to give game creation a go!

Below is a game trailer from Jamie Cross ‘s youtube page, though I don’t think this game is taught as an example in his Udemy course.

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A typical retail display (in Geneva, Switzerla...

A typical retail display (in Geneva, Switzerland) with a large selection of games for several major consoles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.20.23 AM

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Happy Learning!