All-in-one Backup Solution- EaseUS Todo Backup

For every workstation or a personal computer user, it is quite important and essential to have the backups of the files and other data stored on the devices. When Windows 10 was about to launch on the market, numerous users searched and looked for a backup tool which has an advanced system of features. And guess what? We have found the best and one of the most advanced backup tools for you and that is EaseUS Todo Backup, which is also used for Windows 10 backup. We have dived deep into the software and came up with its brief review.


If you are one of those people out there who have to sift through a large amount of data, then it is important to have the backups with you. Because it is you who have to ensure the data is secure and safe. Though there are multiple devices out there which can help in backing up the data easily, yet they also have their own qualms and thus, we can lose our precious data. So, if you are looking for the reliable and a secure way for storing a large amount of data with you, then we have the EaseUS Todo Backup.

Features of EaseUSTodo Backup

  • Comes in 3 variants, i.e. for service providers, for businesses and for the home individual users.
  • For workstations, the business plans start to form $39 and goes till $799 for the ToDo Backup Workstation. It also has free trials.
  • Freeware software only for the home individual users.
  • Helps in learning about how to clone a hard drive Windows 10 with free tool supports. It is simple and easy.
  • Helps in backing up the system and also helps in recovering the system, if lost or damaged.
  • Helps in backing up and recovering all type of files and even offers an option for selecting the specific files.
  • It has an option for disk imaging which is best for backing up the entire disk partition or a volume. It is even important for the speed performance of the device and is highly effective for the large files.
  • Provides an option for scheduling the full backup on a regular basis along with the outlook email backup, system migration and compression.

The EaseUSTodo Backup integrates well with the Windows and it is easy to use. The users just have to click open the file and select the required files which need to be restored. This software even has an improved feature for the file selection which helps in easy viewing the files and folders. Also, it features a separate Management tab, which helps with the jobs checking and easily re-running along with the Log tab, which shows the report about the backups.

The EaseUS Todo Backup is a one-click backup solution which integrates well with the Windows 2000 and up versions. It is also cheaper than the other backup software available in the market, but it has support limitations and complex features. It is easy and simple to use software which has a concise and a simple customer support system. It is a really helpful tool for backups and performs well. It is one of that backup software which comes with amazing scheduling and reporting features. The free version of this software works perfectly, but if you have money to spend, then you can buy its paid version too.

The Most Cherished Skills That Students Need to Succeed As Doctors

More and more students look forward to embark on a career in medicine and the reason is well known. Unlike many other professions, a good medical practitioner has the potentiality to earn huge amount of money simply by offering his or her services to needy patients at a certain cost. But, the important thing is, in India, there are only a few institutes, which are internationally acclaimed so far as their medical services, infrastructure and other related things are concerned. Getting into these institutes is really tough for the students who aspire to be doctors. They have to sit for the medical entrance examinations like the AIPMT and others.

The tips that students require to follow to fulfil their ambitions, aspirations

Students who want to see them as doctors need to follow certain tips so that their ambitions, aspirations are fulfilled.

  • The medical entrance tests that are organized on an annual basis are not only tough but they test the student’s analytic and reasoning skills. The students need to have a thorough knowledge of their subjects prior to sitting for the examinations in order to be successful.
  • The Internet is highly used nowadays and therefore it is recommended to use the resources from the web while preparing for medical competitive examinations such as the AIPMT, AIIMS.
  • Many coaching centres pledge to offer successful coaching for the competitive exams to enrolled students. To get an effective preparation, the students can also approach these coaching centres and take lessons of becoming a successful medical professional.
  • Since the curriculum of the medical entrance examinations like AIPMT 2016 is vast therefore, it is advised to start early, so that you as a student get the full time to prepare for the exams. In this context, check in advance, the schedule, question paper patterns, from the previous year AIPMT. This helps a lot for the students to prepare for the exams.

The desirable skills that a student needs to possess to become a doctor

It is known that the medical professionals require being talented, compassionate and very much dutiful towards their job. Keeping all these in consideration, it can be said that the most desirable skills that a student requires to possess in order to become a doctor are as follows:-

Go through the subjects thoroughly to get a good ranking in exams

It has been observed that the pattern of question paper that is set in recent times is twisted and is not that easy. Moreover, there is negative marking that the students need to be aware off. Keeping all these aspects in consideration, it can be said that the student needs to learn the subjects quite thoroughly in order to secure a good rank in the exams.

Do effective time management

Many a times, it has been observed, that students appearing for examinations, spend quite a considerable amount of time in answering a particular question. As a reason, they fail to allocate time in answering other questions that are there in the question paper. This is a time management issue. By resolving such issues, the students can expect to resolve it.

It is not recommended to go to exams by only studying suggestions

You need to go fully prepared before appearing for the exams. Giving examinations by studying only suggestions is not at all advised as it leaves the students with an incomplete knowledge about the basics that is not helpful to the candidate in the long run.

Need for speed in answering questions at exams

Yet another skill that a student needs to have is good speed of answering the questions. Usually, the AIPMT exams are negative marking type implying that the students need to answer carefully to maintain a respectable score.

Stay calm, do not be anxious

Apart from being knowledgeable, the medical professionals require being compassionate. They should not suffer from anxiety or related issues as that can adversely affect their career. It is therefore important to have good control over the nerves so that anxiety can be controlled.

Ultimate BP Wall; An excellent workout bar for your home workout regimes

Ultimate BP Wall is an excellent workout bar that lets you perform challenging exercises at the comfort of your homes. The bar comes with extremely well-featured beams and three-position grips that help you enjoy a rock solid performance during every workout. The bar has been particularly customized for home-use and it directly bolts along the 16 inches wall studs. Likewise, it is also highly stable, thereby letting you, perform these exercises comfortably. The grips of this workout bars are also pretty soft and cozy. At the same time, they are also highly flexible, as the grips can be extended up to 20 inches from your wall. So, if you’re looking out to do pull ups in complete range motion with a series of variations; the Ultimate BP Wall can be an excellent option.


Features at a glance

  • Comes with pull up bars that aid in parallel grips.
  • Comes with a complete mounting hardware that holds all the instructions of installation.
  • The pull up bar is of gym quality and it is designed to be easily installed in your homes.
  • The powder coated finish is excellent.
  • Extremely sturdy device made of heavy-duty steel.
  • Grips are positioned at a distance of 10, 24 and 36 inches.
  • The mounting placed are kept at a 16 inches space from the center.

Steady and sturdy

Generally, the conventional pull up bars, are way less steady, compared to the wall mounted bars. However, this pull up bar will let you perform the pull ups without any additional vibration or wobbles along your body. This in turn, makes it easier for you to use the tool.

Complete set of instructions

Assembling and installing this pull up bar is extremely easy as it comes with a set of complete and detailed instructions. The instructions aptly guide you about the process of mounting the machine. So, you can easily get this machine installed by simply reading the manual.

Extensive body exercises

This is another useful feature of the device. As the bar comes with a series of grips, it offers extensive diversity while you choose your preferred exercise. The different positions of grip let you try a series of exercises that buck up the strength and power of your biceps and triceps. Likewise, you can easily tone your upper body with this bar and can also adjust your grips along the narrow level. You can even perform workouts in wide positions with this workout bar.

Extensive benefits

Well, besides the given features, the tool comes with a series of other tweaks that provide extensive benefits during the workout sessions. The workout bar is made of foam along the grips. This in turn, lets you easily grip the bar and exercise accordingly. The bar is also extremely solid in its construction. Made of heavy-duty steel, it can easily bear a weight of 220 lbs. So, even if you’re on the bulky side, this workout tool can be a great option. Apart from this, the pull up bar also comes with a strong and firm fixation along the sides of the walls. It can be easily fixed on your walls without having to go through a strenuous assembling session. Another impressive feature of the workout bar is that it lets you perform knee exercises with its high-end parallel grips.

Well constructed and neutral grips

This is another highly impressive feature of the tool. Not only is it well constructed, but it also lets you go for easy and neutral grips, thereby letting you enjoy the best from workouts.

Final verdict

So why wait when you can now splurge in the best? Go for this workout tool, for challenging workout sessions at the cozy comfort of your homes.


Espressione Cafe Minuetto 1334 Espresso Machine Review

The Good: The best advantage that the Espressione café machine has is that it can work with both ground coffee as well as coffee pods. Very few other espresso machines are capable of doing so and thus it makes the machine a customer favorite. The water tank is considerably of higher storage than quite a few machines.


The Bad: The hot water that flows into the porta-filter does not stop automatically so you need to take care of that. You must also know when to stop the gauge. At the start, it would take a little effort but as soon as you get used to it, things will probably get a lot easier. You must know the right flow level for your desired cup of espresso.

The Bottom line: Considering the price point of the machine, it has adequate number of features and mechanisms. If you are a regular user of coffee machines, you would find this manual machine to be worth your money. There are also no extra buttons on the machine that can confuse you so you can use it easily. The taste of the espresso this machine makes is just perfect and delicious.

Espressione Cafe Minuetto 1334 Espresso Machine Review

The built in steam wand works very well in the machine and swivels very easily. To maintain adequate safety, you should keep distance from the bar because it can get very hot at times. Unlike other machines, some users noticed that the texture of the milk is not consistent. The quality of froth differs in various batches.

The machine is equipped with 3 filters: one for coffee pods and two for single and double shots of espresso respectively. There is also a small cup warmer in the top of the machine. Additionally, there is a dual use tool that has a tamping surface on one end and a measuring spoon on the other hand. These tools are very handy and can be useful for users.

However, those who use coffee machines love to have a good tamper and a flat handle rather than a spoon. This is because it can be used for pressing down the ground coffee to get the desired flavor of espresso. Even while the espresso is brewing inside the machine, the exterior of the machine does not get hot. Cleaning the machine is extremely convenient; the parts can be removed and cleaned easily. Maintaining the machine is also hassle free and can be done easily by anyone.

Features of the Espressione Cafe Minuetto Espresso Machine

  • The best thing about this machine is that it perfectly works with both ground coffee as well as ESE serving Pods.
  • The build quality is excellent with INOX housing in silver varnished ABS.
  • It has a huge water tank which can hold up to 1.1 liters of water so that you don’t have to refill it again and again.
  • It has a powerful 15 bar pump which provides quick as well as safe heating.
  • There is a thermo cream system and a maxi-cappuccino in the device which optimizes the temperature and frothing functions. This ensures that you get smooth and creamy cappuccino every time you make it.
  • As far as the safety is concerned, it is completely safe and has error control with overheat protection for proper brewing and frothing.
  • It has the capability to create all types of espresso based coffee beverages.
  • The filter holder that comes with the machine is capable of both, ground beans and ESE coffee pods.

Final Words

The Espressione Café minuetto espresso machine requires a little learning curve at first because it is a completely manual machine. But when it comes to good tasting coffee, it definitely can beat a lot of other machines. It produces good quality espresso and also does a great job in frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos. So if you are well accustomed with manual coffee machines, this can be a good buy for you.

Revision strategy for JEE

With JEE exactly a month away, IIT aspirants should now follow a strategy for revision. It is a well-known fact that each section in IIT JEE has a minimum cutoff and an aspirant cannot ignore any topic as anything and everything can be asked in JEE Examination. The last month is crucial and in this phase, one must concentrate only on revision and should not venture to study a new topic.


During the revision phase, a candidate has to acquire the skill of smart approach. There is no set or particular strategy as every student is blessed with different abilities. But this revision strategy for JEE can help you to organize and manage the last 30 days better.

  1. Study when you are comfortable

You must have heard from many that studying early in the morning is effective or some swear by studying at night. No one understands your body better then you! Study when you are the peak of your energy, whether it is early in the morning or at midnight. Make complete use of time.


  1. Take Mock tests

Mock tests are very essential. By taking mock tests regularly, it helps in

  • Getting familiarized with the exam and paper pattern
  • Learn to manage time
  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Gain confidence


  1. Study Strategy for Physics

Physics is a classic amalgamation of theory and problems. Both numerical and theory have equal weight. The study strategy for Physics is-

  • Mechanics – Revise all the formulae. Assess from your mock tests and concentrate more on your mistakes from Mechanics
  • Thermodynamics – It is very important to know the theory and formula in this section. Refer Byju’s module for this section.
  • Electrostatics – Equations from the section and principle behind the phenomenon are important.
  • Optics – Refer to D.C Pandey books for this section


  1. Study Strategy for Chemistry

Chemistry is full of equations and reactions which makes it more interesting to read. The study strategy for Chemistry is-

  • Organic Chemistry – Revise all the chapters from Organic Chemistry section. Go thoroughly the mechanisms and reactions from hydrocarbons to Carboxylic acid.
  • Inorganic Chemistry – This unit requires multiple revisions as it tricky. Go through p-block elements, salt analysis, –block and f-block elements. Use NCERT books for reference.
  • Physical Chemistry – Revise all the formula and theory from Byjus website


  1. Study Strategy for Mathematics

Every student has a love-hate relationship with Math. Solve Math problems when you are bored as it instantly refreshes your mind.

  • Start with the basics – Refer NCERT text books as it helps to fortify the basics as memorization do not work with this subject.
  • Make a copy of all the formulas and keep it handy.
  • Most students ignore the theoretical part of Math, like theorems and few principles. Concentrate more on that.


  1. Formulate a study plan

All said and done, have a realistic study plan and follow it religiously. Study for at least 10 hours every day. Give more time to the topics you are weak at. But, this doesn’t mean that you have to ignore the sections you are good at! Chalk a time table and divide 10 hours for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

It is very important for the IIT aspirants to follow this strategy as the last 30 days are crucial. During this time, do not attempt to learn anything new as it will add to your woes and confuse you. Many students tend to drastically change their schedule which affects the health. Do not forget, ‘Health is Wealth´. Any health issues will dampen your spirit which directly affects your concentration. Eat well and sleep well.

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