LeEco sells over one million smartphones in India

Chinese technology conglomerate LeEco has joined Make in India program with the launch of its first local manufacturing plant in the country. Located in Greater Noida, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was inaugurated by IT and Electronics Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. The company also revealed that it has also crossed the one million sales volume for its smartphones in the country in under eight months.

LeEco Indian manufacturing plant inaugaration

LeEco’s manufacturing facility in Greater Noida is spread over an area of 200,000 sq. feet. Initially, it will be able to produce close to 60,000 smartphones per month. The brand plans to ramp up the production to approx. 200,000 smartphones every month by the end of this year. The facility already employs more than 200 professionals. The plant has been setup with an investment of $5 million. The brand is also investing $2 million for the automation process at the facility. Thanks to the local manufacturing, the company is expected to price its devices more competitively.

“As the market size for electronics is expected to grow to US$400 billion by 2020, it is imperative to promote indigenous manufacturing. LeEco is a name of global reputation and it is heartening to see it align with “Make in India” just after entering India eight months earlier. We laud their efforts of training local talents and building a center of R&D excellence in the country,” said the minister at the event.

LeEco marked its debut in India in January this year with the launch of the Le 1s and Le Max smartphones. So far, the brand has launched five smartphones, its LeEco membership of content and internet services, its e-commerce platform called LeMall, and most recently its SuperTVs. The company is celebrating its one million sales milestone in the country with the “Le Million Joy” package, under which, it is offering discounts and offers on its products from August 30th to September 1st on LeMall and Flipkart.

Best Windows 10 apps for the College Football Fan

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College Football season is just around the corner and for many, the next few months is more of a religious experience than a sporting event. To help the College Football fans stay in tune with their favorite Collegiate teams, there is a host of Windows 10 apps available in the Store.

These apps not only deliver the latest news, scores, stats, standings and rankings, but some have the ability to stream live games to further satisfy that gridiron itch. While there is a variety of apps in the Windows Store that focus on specific teams, this collection of apps focuses on options that are not limited to one team. As an added bonus these free apps also come in handy for covering other sporting events or leagues during the off-season.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports

CBS Sports has been covering College Football for years and the official CBS Sports Windows 10 app nicely delivers that coverage to your Windows 10 PC and Mobile device.

CBS Sports

The NCAA College Football section of the CBS Sports app includes scores, news, poll rankings (AP, Coaches and Football Championship Series), conference standings, stat leaders, tweets, video highlights and individual team information.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports has an established history of doing a fantastic job of covering College Football and the Windows 10 app is a great option for tapping into that coverage. The free app is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows 8.1 PC and Phones.




WatchESPN is a free Windows 10 app that is available for PC, Mobile and Xbox One that delivers a boatload of ESPN programming to your device. You can watch live games and ESPN studio shows with around the clock access to ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, ESPNU, SEC Network, SEC Network Plus, ESPNews, ESPN Deportes and Longhorn Network.


Programming is sorted by sport and you can search ahead to see what ESPN shows or games are planned for a specific date. A reminder can be easily added to your calendar and you can alert your friends of upcoming games. Just keep in mind that access to WatchESPN is determined by your television provider. Providers currently offering access to WatchESPN include AT&T, Bright House, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Dish, Google Fiber, Midcontinent Communications, Optimum, Time Warner and Verizon FiOS TV.


WatchESPN is a great option for your Windows 10 Mobile device while away from the house. The Windows 10 PC or Xbox One version is perfect for the times you need to keep tabs on multiple games at once or when your wife wants to watch her favorite movie on the big screen TV and bumps you out of the living room.

WatchESPN is a free app available for Windows 10, Xbox One, as well as Windows 8.1 PC and Phones.


MSN Sports

MSN Sports

MSN Sports is a feature rich and informative Windows 10 app that has been around for some time. The Sports app covers a wide range of sporting leagues and events that include the NBA, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, the NFL and NCAA Football.

MSN Sports

Coverage for NCAA College Football includes access to top stories, scores, video highlights, image slideshows and the latest rankings in the AP and Coaches polls. The layout of MSN Sports is clean and easy to navigate around. I would have liked the ability to filter out scores by NCAA Conference to make it a little easier to find specific games. As an alternative, you can tag favorite teams for easy access to the app’s side menu.

MSN Sports

MSN Sports does a good job of delivering the basics on College Football and is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows 8.1 PC and Phones.




While WatchESPN delivers live video streams of sporting events to your Windows 10 device, the ESPN app delivers the news, standings, schedules, stats and scores to your device.


ESPN offers the ability to filter the College Football coverage by conference (SEC, PAC-10, ACC, etc.) or you can view things based on the Top 25 rankings. The ESPN app offers support for scoring alerts and for your myESPN account. I have to admit the scoring alerts are a nice touch for those quiet times when accessing the game could get you in trouble (e.g. dinner, a wedding, visiting the in-laws, etc.).


The ESPN app does a fantastic job of keeping you up to date with all the comings and goings of College Football. It may lack the streaming videos that WatchESPN or CBS Sports has, but it is still a solid sports information resource. As with the other apps in this collection, the ESPN app is available for Windows 10 PC and Mobile, as well as Windows 8.1 PC and Phones.

How MonoGame is bringing more indie developers to Xbox One

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During GDC this year, Microsoft announced that important game development tool MonoGame would support Xbox One. XNA-based games like Axiom Verge (and many other popular indies) need MonoGame to work. We spoke to Tom Spilman of Sickhead games, stewards of MonoGame and creators of classic Windows game ARMED, to learn about MonoGame’s Xbox One progress, UWP development, and much more.

It started with ARMED For Windows Phon

We met Tom Spilman, programmer and co-owner of Sickhead Games, when his Dallas-based studio released ARMED on Windows Phone way back in 2011. ARMED is a competitive real-time strategy game with intuitive touch-based controls and online multiplayer. Compared to Xbox-enabled Windows Phone games of the time, Sickhead’s game featured far more graphical polish and advanced online features.

Sickhead chose to develop ARMED for Windows Phone first because the platform was new. If the platform succeeded, Sickhead’s game would be on the cutting edge of smartphone platforms. Things didn’t work out that way, sadly, as Windows Phone has struggled with market share over time.

ARMED for Windows Phone

Next Sickhead ported ARMED to Windows 8 and 10 (using MonoGame) and began work on an iOS version as well. But sales of the Windows versions began to stall, so they shelved the iOS version. ARMED is still available on Windows Phone for $2.49 and on Windows 10 for free with in-app purchases.

In hindsight, Tom feels they could have done a lot more to promote ARMED. “Marketing is ninety percent of selling games,” he learned. Indie developers like Sickhead often narrowly focus on making a good game in hopes that it will sell based solely on quality. But seeing that ARMED didn’t take off as well as it should have, Spilman and co will put more energy into marketing their future games.

After making ARMED, Sickhead Games created an application for museums called Be the Astronaut, which Tom describes as a “multigame space simulator.” The studio has also assisted with the porting of Escape Goat 2, TowerFall: Ascension, Dust: An Elysian Tale, and Axiom Verge to PlayStation 4, as well as the Vita version of Octodad: Dadliest Catch. But Xbox gamers will be most excited about Sickhead’s MonoGame project and the games it will bring to Xbox One.


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

What’s MonoGame? Before we talk about that, let’s look at XNA. Microsoft XNA is a freeware set of tools created for Xbox 360 game development (and later Windows Phone) in 2006. All Xbox Live Indie Games for Xbox 360 were developed with XNA. Active development of the XNA platform itself ended at the beginning of 2013, but the tools still exist and are used by some indie game developers to this day.

MonoGame was created in 2009 (initially as XNA Touch) to facilitate the porting of XNA games to other platforms. The MonoGame framework allows games written developed with XNA to be ported to Windows 10, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Android, iOS, Linux, and (eventually) Wii U. Many games that were initially developed for Xbox 360 (or by Xbox 360 developers) are now available on other systems thanks to MonoGame.

Using MonoGame to convert ARMED to Windows 8 and 10 sparked an interest in Tom. In 2014, he and Steve Williams (an Australian developer who worked on games like Full House Poker and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger) took over stewardship of the MonoGame project from Dominique Louis and Dean Ellis. Since then, Tom and his team have worked to improve MonoGame, bring it to more platforms, and assist with the porting of XNA games to those platforms.

Xbox One versus PlayStation 4: Indie game support

Towerfall Ascension

The Xbox One is no slouch in the indie games department, but it lags behind the PlayStation 4 in the sheer number of indie games available. Part of that can be attributed to console sales, but the PS4’s indie dominance really started with Sony’s indie outreach at the beginning of this console generation.

After the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were announced in 2013, Tom’s team approached Microsoft and Sony about bringing the MonoGame framework to the new consoles. Spilman recalls that the Xbox crew liked MonoGame and its Windows support, but “at the time, their priority was not on getting indie titles to the [Xbox One] platform.”

Sony had the opposite reaction. During the PlayStation 3 era, Sony had relatively limited indie support. Tom believes that the PlayStation 4 team saw that deficiency and chose to rectify things this time out. It took a few months to hear from Sony after the initial pitch, but the callback eventually came. Sony wanted the MonoGame team to assist with porting the arena combat gameTowerFall from the ill-fated Ouya console to the PlayStation 4 (where it became known as TowerFall: Ascension).

Skulls of the Shogun

With MonoGame support for PlayStation 4 secured, Sony reached out to the developers of numerous games made with Microsoft XNA, a set of tools created for Xbox 360 and Windows Phone development. This initiated a wave of XNA game ports for Sony’s console, including Bastion, Axiom Verge, Skulls of the Shogun, Salt and Sanctuary, and many more. Sony had these indies lined up before the PlayStation 4 even shipped, whereas Microsoft chose not to focus on indie recruitment at that time.

Thankfully, Microsoft eventually changed gears on its indie gaming focus. After the Xbox One’s first year of release, the Xbox team has pushed its ID@Xbox initiative much harder. “I think they’re starting to get back into [indie outreach], and you’re going to see a bunch of indie titles show up on Xbox One soon,” Tom predicts. Again, the Xbox One already has lots of great indie games. But gamers always want more, and MonoGame will help facilitate that.

MonoGame for Xbox One

Axiom verge

Earlier this year at GDC, Microsoft finally announced that MonoGame support would be coming to Xbox One. Much like Sony did for the PlayStation 4, Microsoft contracted the MonoGame team to implement that Xbox One support. Bringing MonoGame to new platforms is a tremendous amount of work for a very small team, so financial support from the console manufacturers really helps.

The first announced Xbox One to use MonoGame is Axiom Verge, a fantastic sci-fi Metroidvania-style platformer that features NES-like 8-bit graphics. Axiom Verge was developed by a single person, Tom Happ, using XNA. Spilman and his team have been instrumental in bringing the game to Xbox One – it should arrive later this year.

Raining Blobs

Other Xbox One games that use MonoGame are in development as well. Raining Blobs, a Steam (and former Windows Phone) puzzle game that resembles Puyo Puyo crossed with Puzzle Fighter, will hopefully make the trip to Xbox in the next few months. More titles developed with MonoGame are in development, including the much-loved Stardew Valley and several unannounced big-name indies already available on PlayStation 4.

Raining Blobs will be a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) title as well. The UWP allows a developer to create and deploy games to his or her Xbox One without being an approved developer. UWP titles receive less CPU, GPU, and memory access than natively developed titles.

The UWP developer can then apply to become approved. If successful, that game can then receive Xbox Live integration and be officially launched for sale on Xbox One. The alternative game development path, native development, provides greater access to system resources but is only available to developers who are already approved by Microsoft. MonoGame works with both UWP and native-level Xbox One titles.

Stardew Valley

Axiom Verge is already playable on Xbox One, although still in development. Does that mean that MonoGame for Xbox One is fully ready to go? Basically, yes. “We have the initial port that has the core features that are used by almost every game,” Spilman reveals. There will still be cases in which games require features that MonoGame doesn’t support yet, though. When that happens, the MonoGame team will do what it always does: work to implement those features so that the title can be fully ported over. “It’s really done in an indie sort of way,” Tom admits.

Tom’s team will continue to invite indie developers to port their games to Xbox One using MonoGame. That means more unique and interesting indie games for Xbox One, so MonoGame support is a win for bother gamers and developers.

Today 48% of people that gambling doing it for fun

It is estimated that 48% of people that gambling doing it for fun, which is an odd statistic. Naturally, people are not always going to be thorough when it comes to reporting their motives for doing anything, and some people will be dishonest with themselves about them. However, 48% of people that gambling doing it for fun, and these people are probably honest about how they feel.

The fact that 48% of people that gambling doing it for fun is positive. However, some people might not always see it that way. For one thing, there is still a stigma against doing almost anything just for fun in many cultures. Lots of cultures have an ascetic streak. People might feel as if even all of their recreational activities need to count for something, and that seems to be how a lot of people approach their free time in many cultures. Many people make sure that their vacations are cultural enrichment activities. They use their spare time on the weekends to take classes and to engage in volunteer work. While people might enjoy all of these activities, they are still not necessarily strictly doing them for fun. The enjoyment that they have is usually going to be incidental.


The people who do not approve of gambling at websites like the All Slots online casino often feel that way because they more broadly do not approve of people doing things because they’re fun. Puritans did not approve of gambling, seeing plays, or doing almost anything that did not involve work. The Protestant work ethic has remained fixed in American culture in particular for a long time. It is not a coincidence that the United States is one of the few countries that does not permit online gambling universally, and that it is being overtaken by its Australian and European allies every day. Even America’s neighbor to the North, Canada, is overtaking the nation when it comes to the popularity and prominence of gambling. While most cultures have some ascetic traditions, the United States manages to stand out in that way.

However, it is often more responsible for people to acknowledge when something is just for fun. People who think that they’re doing something useful might often make bad decisions as a result if it turns out that they are wasting time or money. People who make bad investments, for instance, did not do so because they were having irresponsible fun. People regulate their behavior during recreational activities in order to avoid overindulgence. However, people who think that work is virtuous might not do the same thing for their work.

Gambling should not be regarded as work. It is not reliable enough for that, and even the people who make a lot of wins will still need day jobs. However, it is important for people to categorize gambling as fun in their own minds in order to be responsible gamblers. They need to gamble using their recreational budgets specifically, gambling in the time that they have reserved for fun. The people who keep gambling in perspective will truly get the most out of it.

B2B vs B2C customer service tools

They say that customer support is the heart and soul of every business, no matter its size or niche, and, judging by the latest stats, this saying is right. More and more clients, be them regular individuals or business, think of customer service as a defining criterion when choosing their supplier. It goes without saying that your company needs to invest in state of the art customer service solutions, but which one should you choose? The two options that you will come across the most are B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to customer). Knowing the difference between the two is very important, because they tackle different issues and each has its own functionality. If you’re not sure which is right for you, get in touch with a  software developer in UK and develop a bespoke software development strategy that works for you and your clients.


B2B customer support more complex and technical than B2C

When developing a customer support system for B2C applications, the biggest issues to address are usually quite simple in nature. More often than not, they are limited to product returns or general queries. Therefore, your application will not need that many advanced features. However, things are much more complicated when it comes to communicating with business clients. Not only are they more tech savvy and demanding, but the nature of their problems is usually more complex. Therefore, B2B customer service tools need advanced features and require more work and documentation.


Client information logs

The type of clients you work with determines the type of relationship you have with them. With B2C, you usually don’t have a very close relationship; most people contact customer support only a couple of times and when interaction occurs, the customer service representative doesn’t need their full history or personal information. However, with B2B models, relationships are more familiar. When a business client contacts customer support, you should have all their background information, transactions and preferences at hand. Therefore, when developing a B2C customer service app, you need to allow room for all this data.


Database size

When it comes to database size, B2B and B2C have unique challenges and requirements. On one hand, a B2C system involves contact with a huge number of people, so the database must be large. On the other hand, when working with businesses, their number may not be that large, but you will need additional organisational tools. With B2C, you work with one person at a time, but with B2B, two people can contact you on behalf of the same business. To avoid duplicates or conflicting information, you should discuss your requirements with a professional software developer who has worked on B2B applications before.


Collaboration between departments

One final difference between B2B and B2C customer service applications is the way that they deal with inter-department collaboration. With business-to-customer systems, the issue can usually be resolved by one single person or one single department, so you don’t necessarily have to invest in something complex. However, with business-to-business models, the issue might span across multiple departments, so you should implement sharing and collaboration features.

Promote Healthy And Nutritious Dry Fruits As A Rakhi Gift For Your Brother

Dry fruitsare healthy and you can eat these natural delights anytime of the day. So as a gift on the occasion of rakhi, there cannot be any substitute to it especially if you want these delivered to your brother. As a sister you always want your brother to be happy and prosperous and without a good health one cannot attain prosperity. Thus,rakhi with dry fruits as gift of love should be promoted more and more. The ancient history shows records of presence of dry fruits since 1700 B.C. and it was popularized across the globe by Phoenicians and Egyptians when they started marketing it as a mode of income.

Rakhi with Dry Fruits

Why we should consume dry fruits is discussed below.

  • You must have heard since childhood that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. And now you all should know that a dried apple or apricot keeps cancer away. Vitamin, A, C, and E that has chunks of antioxidants would drive away any risk of cancer from your body.
  • The dry fruits carry a high content of Vitamin A, C, and E along with omega 3 and six types of fatty acids that leave you with a glowing skin. Even when you are aging, raisins won’t make you look older. So, start consuming dry fruits daily and get rakhi dry fruits for your brother.
  • Dry fruits carry a good amount of potassium which along with sodium regulates a balance of intracellular and extracellular water content. To maintain a good level of BP, having potassium rich dry fruits is necessary.
  • Having dry fruits in daily diet makes sure that you don’t suffer from constipation, because of the fiber content in it. Antioxidants, beta carotene, and folic acid gives you a better immunity to face any kind of diseases.
  • The presence of antioxidants makes one’s heart a stronger one. In fact a daily dosage of dry fruits would always keep you away from heart diseases.
  • Walnuts, cashews, and almonds have always been regarded as the ingredient that enhances brain work. Send this set of dry fruits to your brother because it ensures a better brain work. 60% of our brain is composed of omega 3 and fatty acids and dry fruits are den of that so help your brain to be sharper with dry fruits.
  • If your brother is a health freak and eats healthy food or currently is in a weight management phase, rakhi with dry fruits would make him more than happy. Because he knows that, dry fruits has more fiber and calories apart from being tasty.