How to Avoid Common First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes

Spring is arriving all across the country and along with the warmer temperatures and budding trees, the spring season also brings increased activity to the real estate market. New listings will surge and buyers will be out in force to search out and compete for the best deals.

But this type of competition can be challenging and buyers who make mistakes can wind up experiencing disappointment and setbacks, especially when their offer gets passed over for another. If you are preparing to purchase you first home this spring and want to bolster your chances of successfully purchasing the home of your dreams, avoiding these common mistakes is a great place to start.

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Not Learning About the Buying Process Before Starting Your Search

A very common mistake made by first-time buyers is failing to learn how the real estate transaction works before starting to look for a home to purchase and this can lead to serious problems throughout the process. For instance, buyers who do not understand all parts of the process may find themselves scrambling to meet loan approval, inspection, or other contingencies or unknowingly setting unrealistic goals for closing the purchase.

To avoid this type of mistake, first-time buyers should consider asking their real estate professional to give them an overview of the real estate process and how it works in their particular area before beginning to shop for a home.This consultation should include reading and becoming familiar with the various forms and agreements most often used in local real estate transactions, including:

  • the purchase agreement
  • contingencies
  • inspection notices
  • closing statements

First-time buyers must also understand that the process doesn’t end the moment they make an offer and why counteroffers must be handled skillfully to avoid being pushed aside by a new, more attractive offer from a competing buyer. Discussing these scenarios with a qualified real estate professional will help buyers avoid problems and feel more confident about the entire home buying process.

Not Getting Loan Pre Approval Before Making an Offer

In the excitement of making a decision to purchase a home, first-time buyers often decide to start looking for one before securing pre approval for their mortgage or even saving up the full amount they will need for the down payment, closing costs, and other expenses related to buying a home. This can make it difficult, or even impossible, for buyers to know exactly how much house they can afford, how quickly they might be able to close, or even if they will be able to get a mortgage with terms they can afford. In addition, not having sufficient savings in place can doom a real estate purchase contract because some loans require this money to be sourced and seasoned for a period of 60-90 days prior to closing on the home in order to be approved for use in the purchase.

Since either of these situations can prevent buyers from being able to purchase the home of their dreams, it is better to avoid them by waiting to begin looking for a home until pre approval, not just pre qualification, is obtained from a reputable mortgage lender. In addition, buyers who have loan approval are more appealing to sellers who will likely prefer their offer over that of a buyer who is still arranging financing.

For even more information about purchasing a home for the first time, prospective buyers should make sure they are working with a real estate professional that they trust. Good communication between buyers and their agent is the first step in making sure that the entire home buying process is pleasant and successful.

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News empowers people

Today, with the advent of the Internet and the impact it has had on communications worldwide, we live in a highly media-driven world. Today people can learn news of the nation and the world from newspapers and websites like The New York Times, The Daily Beast, The Washington Post and more. Today it’s easy to keep up with the latest events out of Washington D.C., The White House and major cities like New York and Chicago. Yet people everywhere still depend on local news outlets to keep them informed of important events going on close by. Local media covering west la news keeps people up to date in areas like Los Angeles, where knowing what is happening close by is crucial.

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All News Is Local

There’s a saying that “all news is local,” and that saying still rings true today. No matter how much happens in the world, the fact is that people still want to stay up on events in their local area. As we’ve seen in the major events that have happened this year, like the hurricanes in Florida and Texas and Puerto Rico, knowing what is happening on your front doorstep is crucial.

The crisis that hit these communities was huge, and it was only by people banding together, and getting news from local sources that many people were able to get through the storm safely. That’s just one example of why local news really has an impact.

All of this is why small news sites are still so important to communities. Major media like the New York Times can’t tell us about dangerous weather systems affecting us locally, or about a school fair happening in our neighborhood. All of this comes to us through the hard work and reporting of dedicated reporters working for local news outlets.

So the next time you find out about a big event happening in your area, take a moment to thank those local reporters who brought the information to you. It’s hard work, but it’s a worthwhile job for those who care about keeping local communities strong.