China Education Sector: Classes Poised To Resume

A growing middle class, increased urbanization and strong government support had propelled the Chinese educational industry into one of the investment community’s favorite bets in recent years. However, the sector has come under a heavy beating in August, with Hong Kong-listed Chinese educational stocks suffering an average 30% (as at August 28[i]) tumble in share […]


3rd Hampshire candidates focus on education

AMHERST — Providing better state funding for local school districts, lessening the impact of charter schools and promoting equity for all students are among objectives the candidates to become the next state representative for the 3rd Hampshire District share. Mindy Domb, the executive director of the Amherst Survival Center, and Eric Nakajma, chairman of the […]


How to know which Android app is slowing your phone

With more and more high-performance and graphic intensive Android apps and games being launched, the limited memory capacity of smartphone goes for a toss. Thus, more and more smartphone brands are launching handsets with 6GB or 8GB RAM. While buying a smartphone with more RAM is definitely a way to get a smoother experience, there are many Android users who cannot […]


Wickr has a new plan for dodging internet blocks

As encrypted chat apps grow more popular, they’re also becoming more popular targets for state-level blocks. Whether it’s brief interruptions in Brazil and Egypt or long-term censorship in China and Iran, countries are testing out their ability to block traffic at a national level, and apps are having to get creative to stay online. Wickr’s latest solution is a […]