What Your Snapchat Emoji Really Mean

You might be a master at Snapchat tricks like skipping through stories or using multiple lines of texts, but you probably don’t know what all those emoji by your friends mean. Released by Snapchat in an update in April, the “Friend Emoji” characters are an update to the old Best Friends feature.

Essentially, the eight Friend Emoji represent how you communicate with your friends on Snapchat. They stand for the following:

Gold Heart: this is your Snapchat best friend, someone who sees every single aspect of your life on the app, especially the ungraceful ones.

Pink Hearts: your Snapchat best friend for at least two months.

Red Heart: your Snapchat best friend for at least two weeks.

Grimace: a possible frenemy, this Snapchat user is also your best friend’s best friend.

Smile: part of your best friend posse, but isn’t your number one best friend. Snapchat calls this “one of your best friends.”

Sunglasses: if you see one of these, both of you share a close friend. This means one of your best friends (depicted as the smiley face) is also one of this person’s best friends.

Smirk: a one-sided relationship — this person sends you a bunch of snaps, but you don’t return the love as often. What gives?

Fire: you two are heating up and sending each other tons of snaps for a certain number of days. But if you don’t snap each other for 28 hours, the fire emoji will go away.

An example of what some of these look like on the app are below. You can even get two emoji for one friend.

The Friend Emoji definitely add a little bit of playful fun to the app, especially the grimace and smirk emoji. Only you can see your emoji, so hopefully no drama will result from it. At least now you know what they mean and are another step closer to becoming a Snapchat pro.

The Genius Snapchat Trick You Had No Idea Existed

There’s nothing more anoying than having to write “Getting ready for my best friend’s beach wedding tomorrow!” as “gettin ready 4 my BFF’s [wave emoji] wedding 2moro.” But because of Snapchat’s limiting one-line text boxes, many avid users have had to do just that. Not anymore! Thanks to one genius user, we’ve discovered a hack that allows you to write as much as you want on your snaps.

Instead of the app’s usual 31-character limit, this simple iPhone trick lets you add text lines to your photos and videos — sparing you from having to understand text language or poorly scribbled words added beneath typed text. Check out the easy fix below, and you’ll never be at a loss for words again!


People prefer to create their documents in PDF format such as invoices, letters, presentations and legal forms etc. But many times the pdf documents needed some variations to be done or sometimes they have several mistakes. As it cannot be simply edited in Adobe reader or Adobe viewer where you are viewing it, you need to do something special to edit it according to your requirements.

But unfortunately there is no free desktop tool available to perform this function accurately. Although there are some softwares available which have ability to edit pdf files but all of them are demanding hundreds of dollars and nobody is providing them for free. Still here I am sharing some ways to Edit a PDF file



Method 1 : Using pdf to word convertor

Download any PDF to word convertor software from internet.

It is easily available over there. Convert your pdf document into .doc or .docx format and after conversion open it in Ms office or Open office and here you can edit the text or images in that file. Later when you finish editing you can again convert it into pdf file using Word to pdf convertor.

For downloading pdf to word convertor software you can simply google it. Accuracy of documents after conversion may vary depending on the software you are using and its version.

Method 2 : Converting pdf to word online

If you don’t want to download and try many softwares for conversion , you can simply do it online. CutePDF-Editor  is one websites offering this service of converting documents online. You can always use google for more such website.

cutepdf editor
All you have to do is to upload your pdf file to any conversion website and download its corresponding word file after it gets processed. Once you receive it in word format you can edit it using any word processor software.

Also for converting word file back to pdf format you can reverse the process and do it online. It is a bit time consuming process because it requires an internet connection , uploading and downloading of file but if you don’t need to convert pdf files regularly , it is a good option rather than installing unnecessary softwares for doing this.



Finally, if you edit PDF files daily and the above solutions are not sufficient for you there are also plenty of commercialPDF editors. Unfortunately, many of these programs can cost several hundred dollars but they will assure you the unmatchable quality and user friendly interface for editing the documents.



Many times when we are randomly opening pages of some websites or going through different sites , we see some topics which seems really interesting. Often when we are looking for some particular topic , we reach to some other post which is interesting too but we have to continue to our search and leave that page half heartedly. Many of you might be aware of the default option provided by browsers for saving web pages to your computer and read them later while you are offline . You can do it by using option “ Save Webpage As…”

But these web pages saved by this method are not that good quality files. When reading , it seems that we are still looking at the website and not in our computer. So today I am going to tell you a trick to Convert Webpage to PDF and saving it to your computer simultaneously.


There are two very simple and automated methods to Convert Webpage to PDF format.


Pdfmyurl.com is a website that provides service of converting any webpage to pdf format and make it available to save on your system free of cost with the blink of your eye. It is very fast .

All you have to do is Simply open PdfmyURL website and paste the desired URL or website address which you want to convert to pdf and click on button placed at right side of text box. It will convert that URL into pdf format and ask for saving to your system.


You can convert webpage to pdf from popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome by installing a Nova PDF creator that works as a virtual PDF printer. Once the printer is installed, you can simply print to it and a PDF file will be generated.

Just Download this software from their official site here :

Install it to your computer and then it will automatically add a new option to your browser’s print button i.e. Nova print server . Select it and click on print. It will save that url as pdf. You can also set margins of page using page setup before downloading the pdf to set the size of pdf file you want.

So this was all about saving a web page as pdf document now I would also like to tell you about How to convert word document to pdf file.

It is a simple task to convert any word file to pdf file. It can be done online or by some software. The best way to do it is using wordtopdf.com

This site will do your work in three simple steps. Browse your file , Enter your email address , click on convert itand within a few minutes the converted pdf file will reach to your inbox. There are many other sites as similar towordtopdf.com so if this site doesn’t work for you , simply google it.


Everyone today surfing on internet is very seriously concerned about their Privacy. As the Cyber crime is increasing day by day, those who are not doing anything to hide their real identity must perform some necessary security actions so that no one can harm them online.

So here in this article, I am going to share with you some internet tips to browse and Surf internet anonymously.



There are several softwares available for personalizing your network connection and use a middle layer between you and your real network. It creates a virtual environment between the user and their internet connection. These are most popularly known as VPNs (Virtual Private Networks ). A VPN connection across the Internet is similar to a wide area network (WAN) link between the sites. From a user perspective, the extended network resources are accessed in the same way as resources available from the private network.

The high quality VPNs are normally paid which provides privacy to industries and other business organizations. But for normal users there are variety of VPNs available for free.


Surf internet anonymously

Tor browser is one of the leading and best known browser for anonymous surfing over the internet. It changes your original ip address to the ip address of some remote location. No one will be able to see your real ip when you surf sites using Tor browser. It looks much similar to Mozilla firefox but it reduces the speed of your internet connection upto some extent because every site which is being opened must be opened through the server of TOR organization.

You can download TOR Browser from their official website.


You all might have known the process of Setting proxy in your browser. We commonly do it when we need to access the internet using some public or shared wifi in offices or educational institutes like colleges etc.

They have always secured their network using these proxy setting and if you want to access internet via their network, you must change your browser proxy settings according to their settings. You can make your own home network more secured by doing the same thing.


If you don’t want to download and install any softwares or VPNs on your system for privacy, you can simply switch to these proxy sites. All you have to do is simply enter the desired URL in the input box given on the website instead of your browser’s address bar. These sites offer you online privacy for accessing web anonymously. Moreover these sites will provide you access to those sites which are blocked in your office or college. Proxy sites have ability to bypass the filters that restrict the access to several sites.



After reading the Title, You might be thinking Why do we even Need any any Whatsapp Alternative. Surely Thats a Nice question to ask, But the truth is no matter how Good an Application is you will often See people Finding alternatives for it.

IOS users have to pay one time $0.99 fee to Download and Use Whatsapp, On the other hand Android users Enjoys Whatsapp for 1 year, after which they have to pay $0.99 to Continue using Whatsapp.

Today i am Providing Some Best Whatsapp Alternative for Android and IOS users and the Goodnews is all of them are free messeging apps. So you no longer have to worry about what app you will use after your 1 year whatsapp trial expires.


1.  WeChat – Wechat was very Successfull to establish into the market and one of the best Whatsapp Alternative anyone can find, You cannot only send audio Messages but now it has a feature to video chat as well, in my opinion Wechat will be the best alternative one can get for Whatsapp.

2.Skype – Skype allows you to text message people in your Contact list, it also allows you to make Calls. But unlike Whatsapp, inorder to add someone to your contact list you will have to add people by sending them request, Once they accept you as contact, you can have smooth Chats and Calls.
3.Kik – This app is pretty simple, Just register with your e-mail id, Choose your Username , Give it to your friends so that they can add you. Now you are good to go.

4.Facebook Messenger – Most of you must be aware about Facebook Messenger’s Existence. It is one of the Best Alternative one can get for Whatsapp. You can Chat with your friends who are already there in your facebook friendlist, The only problem one can face is people can’t chat with friends who are not on facebook,that doesn’t seems to be a problem because in today’s world even 10 year old child has a facebook account of his own.

5. ChatOn – ChatOn app is Created by Samsung but can be used on other platforms as well, Like whatsapp you have to verify your phone number and The Chat is On for you.

6.Line – Very similar to whatsapp, Apart from Free text messaging,Line has a feature which allows you can call your friends who are using Line over Internet Connection. You get more features in Line as compared to whatsapp so you can easily say it is a better Whatsapp Alternative that you can choose.

7.Viber – Unlike Whatsapp , You can even Call your friend provided your friend has Viber account and you have Internet Connection.

My List of Best Whatsapp Alternative Ends here, If you want to me to add any other Alternative then feel free to comment below.


If you are a Daily facebook user or a facebook addict, you might have come across some Facebook Page without Name . Well at that very moment you must have thought about how did these guys can create it. You might have evengoogled it , but never succeeded.

Creating Facebook Page without Name is as simple as 1,2,3 . Just be with me and by the end of this tutorial you will be able to Create one by yourself. We will be Using some Arabic characters to Create a Facebook page with no name.


if you have already Created a Page on facebook before than this is going to be the Easiest tutorial for you, For those who don’t have any experience in creating a page , Believe me i will keep it Simple just Follow the Below simple steps.

Step 1: Login to facebook and click on Create page or just click Here .

Step 2: Now Click on Company, Organization or Institution (Not mandatory You can click on any.) and Choose aCategory, again you can choose any it doesn’t really matters.

Step 3: Now copy the below characters and paste in the place of name just like shown in below picture and Check the box which says i agree to facebook pages terms.



Facebook page without name

Step 4: Now, Click on Get Started, Give a short description and click on “Save info” now you can click on skip, skip and skip .

Step 5:  With this said, We have successfully created a page , But we can see the Characters which we entered earlier, we are making a page without any name or Character. Now in admin panel, click on Edit Page > Edit Settings.

Facebook page without name

Step 6:  Click on “Page info”  , the first thing you will see will be the Name, Click on Edit and use your Backspace key to Delete everything from the box.

Step 7: Click on Save Changes. If you have done all the steps as explained then you must not get any error.

Step 8: Click on View page to check your Facebook Page without Name.


Step 9: Upload a profile picture and Cover photo if you want. Now its Time to Show your Page with No name to your Friends. Try it by Yourself While its Still working.

Note: The Code and the Trick to Create Facebook page without name is not working any more, This trick was working fine at the time of Creating the tutorial. There is still one or two pages on whole of fb which has no name.


Torrent use is very popular these days. Whether you want to download a large file, or even a small one, you can use a torrent to download your desired file. In order to download the files, you need seeders and leaches. The more seeders, the better because you get faster download speed. The lower the seeders and leaches count, the slower the speed. You can Download Torrent Files With IDM yes you heard it right.

In this tutorial, you will be shown how to Download Torrent Files With IDM. IDM is a very popular download client that helps you download many files at once, but also accelerates the download process. If you especially want to download very large files, IDM can come in very handy because it separates the file(s) into parts and downloads the smaller parts in accelerates rate. Once everything is downloaded, the smaller files are put back together into the original file you intended to download. Fairly simple, right? Now lets move onto how you can Download Torrent Files With IDM .


Step 1: Select any Torrent download client such as utorrent or Bittorrent. You can use these clients to download the Torrent files onto your computer.

Step 2: Go to a Torrent uploading site such as ExtraTorrent or zBigz.

In this step, you will be uploading the Torrent you downloaded earlier.

Step 3: Upload the Torrent using the sites stated in the previous step, or if you have a site of your choosing, go from there. Make sure to use the “Free” uploading option. Assuming that you don’t want to pay for an account, just go with the free option. Do note that if you go with the free option, there are limitations set by the website. If you go with a premium account, some extra perks are provided.

Depending on how big the Torrent is, that’s how long it may take to upload. It also depends on how fast your Internet connection is. The faster your connection is, the faster the upload speed will be.

Step 4: Once you have uploaded the Torrent, there should be an option for you to “ZIP” the Torrent. Normally, there will be extra options to download the contents of the Torrent file individually, but for now, lets go with the “.zip” option.

Step 5: Once everything has been zipped in the “.zip” format, hit download.  Internet Download Manager  should pop up and automatically take over the download process instead of your browser.

This may seem like a bit tedious process, but it’s well worth knowing that you can download the Torrent through a ZIP file format without having to worry about increasing or decreasing connection speed. More people these days are using this process in order to speed up downloading and uploading of Torrents.

If you liked the tutorial on Download Torrent Files With IDM, please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


What if I tell you that there is a spirit who owns a website here on internet and he can answer all your personal questions. Even he knows everything about you and your life and whatever you ask him , he will respond you with exactly correct answer in return.

Of course you won’t believe me. But you can bet about it with your friends and once they see this happening with their own eyes they will be shocked and will start believing in you.

So this is nothing but a simple prank which you can play with your close friends about whom you know a bit.


Tell your friend that you have a buddy on internet which is a spirit and he knows everything . You can ask him any question and he will answer it.

Now he will ask you to prove it, simply follow the given steps and your friend will be amazed !!

Step 1 : You need a computer connected to the internet.

Step 2 : Open the website – http://www.peteranswers.com/

Step 3 : Here you will see a box with two text input fields on it as shown below.

Step 4 : Before entering anything into these text fields ask your friend that what question he want to know from peter.

Step 5 : Once you know the question, Tell your friend that you have to type in petition a request to peter and this will be : Peter please answer the following question:

Then you will type question in next field and submit it.

Step 6 : Here the trick is hidden in step 5.  Once you know the question of your friend, if you know the answer simply type it in petition starting with a dot “.” then write the answer and finish it with another dot“.” and in case you don’t know, just type normal petition i.e. Peter please answer the following question: and his question in respective field and click on OK. It will automatically reply something unusual like I am not interested or ask something else etc.

E.g. : You ask a question , what is the name of my website ?
and you want the answer to be SmartTricks then type it in  the petition

” Peter please answer the following question: .SmartTricks. “

So after entering details when you click on OK , it will show the following result.

Your friend will never know that you wrote the answer during petition because when you put a dot in petition, after that no matter what you are typing, only Peter please answer the following question: will be displayed on screen.


  • Always listen the question before writing petition because this is where you will be writing answer.

  • Don’t let your friend change his question after you write petition.

  • Never let him see keypad while typing petition. Try talking to him and divert his mind somewhere else.

  • Make sure you put dots carefully in starting and ending of answer.

  • If you don’t know the answer simply type normal petition and question, site will reply something to confuse him.

  • Keep suggesting him questions to be asked. Normally like which color I am wearing or where am I , what is name of my best friend etc.

Prank your friends and Enjoy !!!