Alleged iPhone 7 cases equal to the ones for iPhone 6, 6S

Some other day, every other iPhone 7 rumor. This modern scuttlebutt, though, exhibits multiple components reportedly designed to fit the subsequent iPhone.

on the computer systems limitless exposed occasion in London on Tuesday, iPhone accessories maker Cygnett took the wraps off a sequence of case designs and a glass display protector, claiming they were created for the iPhone 7, in step with weblog web site Pocket-Lint. The twist is that these items also fit the iPhone 6S, which Cygnett absolutely used to expose off the products. that might then suggest the iPhone 7 will keep the identical frame length and shape as that of ultimate 12 months’s model.

Apple said its first drop in iPhone sales remaining region, probably in huge element because the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus failed to offer the vital need to-have capabilities to attract sufficient customers. To regain misplaced sales and customers, Apple needs to revamp this year’s iPhone with a few revolutionary specs that can tempt consumers in search of a new cellphone.

The screen protector showed off by means of Cygnett sports holes on the pinnacle, which can honestly be a defect, according to Pocket-Lint, as some iPhone 6S handsets have been seen with the same holes, at the same time as most units have simply one hole. As constantly, these rumors and items have to be excited by a grain of salt. even though Cygnett said they may be proper, there may be no way to verify that independently.

previous reviews have suggested that the iPhone 7 could come with stereo audio system, remove the traditional audio port and offer a dual camera (however handiest at the iPhone 7 Plus). but, the sense amongst sure analysts, inclusive of KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, is that this 12 months’s lineup won’t provide the capabilities needed to captivate phone consumers.

iPhone 6s Beats 2015’s Android Smartphones in New AnTuTu Benchmark

The iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus are more powerful than the Huawei Nexus 6P, Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, the OnePlus 2, or any other Android smartphone launched in 2015, as per the latest benchmarking statistics. In a new report released by AnTuTu detailing the Top 10 Devices of 2015, Apple’s flagship smartphones have been found way ahead of its competition.

Popular benchmarking service AnTuTu released its yearly report on Wednesday, noting that in its assessment, the iPhone 6s Plus and the iPhone 6s were found to be substantially more powerful than any of its competitors. In fact, the iPhone 6s (or the iPhone 6s Plus, since both are largely identical) is 41 percent more powerful than the Huawei Mate 8, the most powerful Android smartphone.

The version 6.0 of AnTuTu, which now supports cross-platform benchmarking, gave iPhone 6s a score of 132,620. Compared to this, the Huawei Mate 8 scored 92,746 while the Meizu Pro 5 had 86,214. TheSamsung Galaxy Note 5 had a score of 83,364, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ a score of 82,087, while the iPhone 6 found itself with 80,554 points. The OnePlus 2 could only get 79,747.


To understand why an iPhone has so much processing muscle, we must realise that it doesn’t run Samsung’s Exynos or Qualcomm’s Snapdragon line of processors like most of the Android smartphones. Instead, the iPhone 6s has Apple’s custom-made dual-core A9 SoC. To make things more amusing, the iPhone 6s Plus has 2GB of RAM, while many of the competitive Android handsets have 4GB of RAM. To note however, is that there are few cross-platform benchmarks available for both Android and iOS devices, making comparisons difficult in most cases.

No One Knows How to Use This Genius iOS Feature

“What’s AirDrop?!” You’d be surprised at how many times we’ve heard that from iOS-loving friends, and considering that it was the top “how-to” search on Google in 2014, they’re not alone. Since it’s a pretty genius feature, we’re putting it in the category of most underrated iPhone features (along with the Control Center, of course). Think of it as the easiest way to share photos, videos, contacts, music, and more with other iOS devices.

Here’s a cheat sheet for using AirDrop on the iPhone, but note that you can use it on any device with iOS 7 and up. There’s also an AirDrop for Mac, but you can’t share between iOS and OS X devices. Now let’s get to it!

Apple patent points to better speaker technology on the iPhone 7

Apple patent points to better speaker technology on the iPhone 7

Apple was recently awarded a patent which it applied for back in 2013. The patent clearly points to a revamped speaker design that makes use of an audio chamber inside the device, allowing it to pump out louder and clearer audio.

The patent goes on to describe how difficult it has become in recent times to deliver better audio quality. This is a problem that applies more to Apple than anyone else since the company’s iPhone and iPads (more on this later) keep growing thinner every year.

“Given the area constraints imposed on many portable electronic devices, it is increasingly difficult to provide high-quality audio sound output and pickup without hindering the ability to make portable electronic devices smaller and thinner. Consequently, there is a need for improved approaches to provide high-quality audio sound output and/or pickup from portable electronic devices as they get smaller and thinner.”

Reading further reveals that Apple has its own formula to tackle the problem in the form of air chambers that extend into the chassis of the device. This according to Apple, helps deliver louder and clearer audio because the drivers can now push out more air instead of minute volume available at the edge of the device (where they are usually mounted), inside the speaker module.

“The invention pertains to a portable electronic device that provides compact configurations for audio elements. The audio elements can be drivers (e.g., speakers) or receivers (e.g., microphones). In one embodiment, an audio element can be mounted on or coupled to an intermediate structure (e.g., a flexible electrical substrate) having an opening therein to allow audio sound to pass there through. In another embodiment, an audio chamber can be formed to assist in directing audio sound between an opening an outer housing and a flexible electronic substrate to which the audio element is mounted or coupled thereto.”

While we would like to believe that we could see the same tech appear on the iPhone 7, it may already be out there. Yes, if you have a look at the image below, the new iPad Pro’s design clearly shows off a design similar to the idea in the patent.

Apple Speaker Patent

However, we could expect a similar layout with the bigger iPhone 7 Plus models (due to the bigger body) and may be two speaker grilles that actually deliver full-fledged stereo audio.

Also there is plenty of “noise” regarding Apple omitting the 3.5mm audio jack on the upcoming iPhone 7 thanks to its slimmer design. In fact, getting rid of the large (for Apple) 3.5mm jack could lead to a bigger cavity for a secondary speaker on the left bottom side. This and the above patent could hint that Apple’s highlight at the September keynote would indeed be audio technology.

Apple to phase out in-house iAd sales team; will update the platform to be more automated

Apple to phase out in-house iAd sales team; will update the platform to be more automated

Six years after launching iAd, Apple will be shifting to a more automated platform, while making an exit from the advertising-sales business. The new platform will be accessible to app publishers and advertisers as well. In addition, the company will reportedly not have any involvement in selling or creating iAd unit.

According to a report by BuzzFeed, a source has stated, “It’s just not something we’re good at. It gives them direct dialogue with their customers as opposed to forcing them to go through an Apple middleman. Access will be more plentiful and easier to manage, theoretically.” The company is reportedly phasing out its iAd sales force entirely and updating the iAd platform that publishers can sell though it directly.

Originally launched in 2010 by Steve Jobs, iAd was a platform which will allow ads to be placed directly in the iPhone or iPad apps, with the company taking a cut of the revenue for selling and hosting the material as well. For reasons unknown, the iAd platform never really took off as Apple imagined it would.

The report further adds, for Apple, who has struggled to establish the platform for mobile advertising, the decision to dismantle the iAds salesforce and adopt a new publisher-driven platform is a tacit acknowledgement that the company grievously underestimated how tough the new business would be.

iPhone 7 to feature flexible OLED display made by Samsung

samsung galaxy note 5 vs iphone 6 plus aa (4 of 13)

Industry insiders are claiming that Samsung Display has agreed to a deal with Apple to make flexible OLED displays for the iPhone 7. Samsung Display is reportedly reaching out to multiple display technology companies in South Korea to acquire the resources and technology required to fulfill such a massive order from Apple.

The deal will see Samsung invest up to $7.47 billion in additional plant and equipment facilities to meet the demand. The value of the deal with Apple has not yet been publicly disclosed. Production is expected to begin in Q1, 2016 and extend into 2017. The output of flexible OLED panels will reportedly range between 30,000 to 45,000 panels a month.

samsung galaxy s6 vs iphone 6s aa (15 of 20)

iPhones up till this point have always used LCD displays. The Apple Watch is the first Apple device to use a flexible OLED screen, so putting them on iPhones isn’t a complete surprise. Nor is asking Samsung to provide them. Not only is it no secret that Samsung makes the best OLED displays in the market, Samsung already supplies multiple components for the iPhone, including the A9 processor.

While the move could be seen as aiding the enemy, Samsung’s component business has been the crutch holding up a flailing mobile division recently. Chips, displays and RAM are the major cash cows for the South Korean company in the mobile space, not handset sales, so a lucrative deal to supply components for a device as popular as the iPhone could mean a major windfall for the company.

Apple Admits It Doesn’t Know How Many People Read Its News App

Apple Admits It Doesn't Know How Many People Read Its News App

Apple doesn’t know how many people are reading its News app. The Cupertino company has admitted that it has been miscounting the page views. This has left both Apple and the publishers unaware of exactly how many people are actually reading on the service. News, the company-built news reading app, was released to the public with iOS 9 in September last year.

Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services told the Wall Street Journal that a software glitch in News reading app has altered the number, showing numbers lowers than reality.

The company statement comes weeks after many Apple News publication partners complained the traffic they were receiving from Apple News was “underwhelming.” Many also said the data Apple was providing them was essentially “non-existent.”

Cue said that the company overlooked the glitch when building the app as it was more focused on other aspects. He added that the company is working on fixing the glitch. “We’re in the process of fixing that now, but our numbers are lower than reality,” he said. “We don’t know what the right number is.”

He told the publication that 40 million people have used News app since its release. Exactly how frequently, and how many of them visit the app, and how long they stay are among the things that no-one has much clue about. Cue said the company is happy with Apple News thus far, and that it has received positive feedback, adding that usage has “scaled very fast…but it doesn’t mean we don’t all want more.”.

Released with iOS 9 on September 16, 2015, News not only curates articles from select sources, it also provides publishers a platform to publish content directly on its service. The company is offering publishers a 100 percent cut on the money the ads on their stories generate. The company offers a 70 percent cut on the ads it sells to publishers. It can be likened to Facebook’s Instant Articles, for which Google is building its own Accelerated Mobile Pages in answer.

Apple Music Now Has 10 Million Paid Subscribers

Apple Music Now Has 10 Million Paid Subscribers: Report

Apple Music now has more than 10 million paid subscribers, according to a media report. The achievement comes roughly six months after the company released its app for iPhone and iPad, and roughly two months after it released a beta version of the app on Android. To compare, Spotify had 20 million paid subscribers as of last June.

Citing people familiar with the matter, the Financial Times reported that Apple’s music streaming service has hit the 10-million paid subscribers milestone. The impressive figure shows Apple Music’s quick adoption and Apple’s reach, as Spotify, presently the most widely used music streaming service has 20 million paid subscribers as of June 2015. It took the company six years to reach the 20 million figure. Spotify hasn’t revealed an updated figure since.

To recall, Apple announced in October that Apple Music had more than 15 million subscribers. Of the total number, 6.5 million of them were paid users. Apple Music was released as a three-month free trial to users. The company realises that in order to make its streaming service grow quickly, it needs to make the service available on rival platforms. Also available on Windows and OS X via the iTunes client, in November a beta version of Apple Music was released on Android. No Web interface is yet available.

Apple’s streaming service is also available in more regions than Spotify, which could be one of the factors behind this fast adoption. Apple Music is available in 120 markets including India, whereas Spotify is available in about 60 countries. The Swedish company would want to launch its service to more regions if it wants to widen its user base difference from Apple Music. Unlike Apple Music, Spotify offers a free tier of its service, which makes it enticing for many users.

Vine Founder Creates Messaging App ‘Peach’ for iOS

Vine Founder Creates Messaging App 'Peach' for iOS

Peach, a new messaging app, lets you find your friends and upload gif images, photos, and status updates in your news feed using “magic words”.

Available on the Apple App Store, the app looks like Twitter, Slack, and Instagram, and is created by Dom Hoffman, the founder of Vine – a short-form video sharing service – TechCrunch reported on Saturday.

“Peach is a refreshingly fun and simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself. Share tiny updates as you go through your day. Posting is as easy as texting ‘with a twist’. Some words are ‘Magic Words’ that give you quick access to fun and insightful things to share. On Peach, a little says a lot. Easily share pictures, looping photos, videos, and links, along with GIFs, the weather, your current location, what you’re watching tonight, how many steps you walked today, and much more,” the app’s description read on the App Store.

Peach stands out as it allows users to use “magic words” to summon certain commands to appear in their status updates and share pictures, gif images, videos, weather, current location, to name a few.

For example, you can type “gif” and then you are prompted to find and share a gif image.

Similarly, when a user types “Draw” he can actually draw a doodle or sketch to share it. You can type “song” to share whatever is playing right now on your phone.

Also, all the updates are posted on “home” – similar to a Facebook wall where people can “like” or comment on your posts.

iOS 9.3 Beta Brings Multi-User Mode, Night Shift, and More

iOS 9.3 Beta Brings Multi-User Mode, Night Shift, and More

Apple on Monday released the first developer beta of iOS 9.3, adding a range of features and capabilities to its mobile operating system – many of which are expected to make it to the general release. The Cupertino-based company with the iOS 9.3 Preview has introduced multi-user mode oniPad for schools, and a night-mode for all that aims to enhance the viewing experience on iPhone and iPad during the night hours.

The Cupertino-based company is calling the night-mode Night Shift. The feature, if enabled, changes the white balance of the screen in accordance with the time and your geographic location to suit your eyes. “[..] it automatically shifts the colors in your display to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes. In the morning, it returns the display to its regular settings,” the companydescribes. The feature has long been requested by users. Google last month introduced a similar feature to Google Play Books, while Amazon launched the Fire HD 8 Reader’s Edition with Blue Shade, which filtered blue light at night.

The second biggest attraction is the inclusion of multi-user mode on iPad – but, it’s limited to the iOS 9.3 Education Preview. For years, people have asked the company to allow multiple users to sign in with their accounts on the same iPad, and Apple is finally addressing it with “Shared iPad” feature. The feature is only available for the education sector, where more than one person understandably uses the same device. Using this feature, more than one student will be able to log in to the iPad.


The Shared iPad feature, furthermore, will keep a tab on users who regularly sign in to the iPad, and have their content cached so that these students don’t have to download data each time they sign in.

“When a 1:1 student-to-iPad ratio isn’t possible, Shared iPad offers an elegant solution that lets students enjoy the benefits of having their own iPad in whatever classroom they’re in. They simply log in to any iPad, and their content is ready to go,” the company noted.

The feature comes as part of a push from the company in the education front. Apple has also updated the Classroom app using which a teacher will be able to track the apps his or her students are using. Using this app, one can also share their on-screen activities with others. The company has also improved Apple School Manager portal and “Managed Apple IDs.”

Other features introduced in the iOS 9.3 Preview include an updated Notes app, which gets Touch IDpassword protection and better sorting options (date created, date modified, alphabetically). The Apple News app was also updated, with better customisation in the ‘For You’ section, as well as the addition of trending topics and Editors’ Picks. Users will also be able play videos directly in their news feed, the app gets support for landscape view on iPhone, while news updates are said to come faster.

The Health app was also updated in the iOS 9.3 Preview, making it easier for users to find and add third-party apps to their Health dashboard. The Health app also displays data and goals on the Apple Watch. Finally, CarPlay gets Apple Music’s New and For You sections in the Music app, letting users select playlists and albums, and add them via Siri. The recently introduced Nearby feature has come to the Maps section of CarPlay, letting users find gas stations, parking, restaurants, coffee, and more, alongside ratings and price.