Aging and sleep: Making changes for brain health

As a neuropsychologist, my research interests have focused on the link between sleep and cognitive health. As I have gotten older, I have personally come to appreciate the restorative power of a good night’s sleep for thinking, memory, and functioning at my best. Sleep affects our overall health, including our hormones and immune system. Neurobiological […]

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Your guide to Healthy Meals in Mumbai

 If you’re on the other side of the sealink and in the mood for something desi, head to The Village Shop. “Hey, farmer farmer put away your DDT, I don’t care about spots on my apples. Leave me the birds and the bees please,” sang Joni Mitchell way back in 1970. All these years later, […]


Trolled, Prateik Babbar Deletes Risque Pic With Wife Sanya Sagar

Prateik Babbar with wife Sanya Sagar at an award show in Mumbai.New Delhi:  Highlights The Internet alleged that Prateik’s post was a “publicity gimmick” Prateik Babbar married Sanya Sagar last month in Lucknow Prateik’s upcoming films are Brahmastra and Chhichhore Actor Prateik Babbar reportedly posted a risque picture featuring himself with wife Sanya Sagar on […]

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3 Things You Should Know About A Litigation Support Specialist

Working on trials, both before, during and after, is an exciting task for the right person. Think you need to go to law school to live out your courtroom dream? Think again. There are more people working on litigation teams than you ever see sitting in a courtroom. It takes a lot of work to […]

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How To Prevent Losing A Business’ License To Do Alcohol-Related Business

Alcohol is legal in the majority of the world’s countries. However, the alcohol industries in most of these countries are protected by stringent rules and regulations. Most countries’ businesses, such as those in the United States, are required to register for, renew, and maintain licenses to serve, distribute, create, or otherwise deal with alcohol. Here […]

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Reaching Out for Key Information before Building

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of planning out your big projects before you actually get them underway. You have to make sure all of the key details are in place prior to the actual work getting started. If you overlook a single piece of information, you could jeopardize the desired outcome. However, sometimes […]

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Loans May Get Cheaper As Shaktikanta Das-Led RBI Cuts Key Lending Rate

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das said the decision to change the policy stance was unanimousIn a surprise move, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Thursday reduced the repo rate by 25 basis points or 0.25 per cent. The central bank also changed its policy stance to “neutral” from existing “calibrated tightening”. The reduction in repo […]