Discarding Electronic in Toronto

Technology is in an incredible place in 2019. There are so many new gadgets coming out seemingly every day, and tech enthusiasts have never been more excited. In terms of video games, a new Xbox console was announced at the electronic expo last month. Sony is slated to announce the next PlayStation console at some […]


Vending Machines in the 21st Century

If you are old enough, you certainly remember seeing payphones quite frequently when you were out on the town. Payphones are one of many inventions to fall out of favor during this technological renaissance. In a world filled with conveniences at every turn, it is surprising to see people use vending machines so frequently. With […]


Healthy Summer Diet: 6 Nutritious Summer Fruit Salad Recipes To Try

Highlights Salads make for light and easily digestible meals Fruits are loaded with vitamins and minerals and have high water content Fruit salads bring a rainbow of nutrition to your summer diet Salads are great for the summers. They make for light and easily digestible meals that are full of a range of vitamins and […]


New IIT-Guwahati Director Plans Extension Centres In Northeast

Mr Sitharam said that the IIT-G will soon have a centre for disaster preparedness. New Delhi:  Newly appointed Director of IIT-Guwahati (IIT-G) T. G. Sitharam is planning to expand the reach of the institution to other parts of the northeast by opening extension centres. Mr Sitharam, who took charge of the institution on July 1, […]


Smart Wrist Band Can Help You Monitor Your Emotions

Photo Credit: Lancaster University You may have used a wrist band that tracks your steps, but a new generation of smart wearables might help you monitor emotions which can be very useful for those who diagnosed with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders. Researchers have found that smart wearable technology that changes colour, heats up, squeezes […]

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The Importance of Demand Planning

In demand forecasting, you predict the demand for your product or services so that you can deliver it more efficiently. This is not only satisfactory for the customers but it drives much of the supply chain planning. Most business owners may feel a little lost when it comes to demand forecasting. It is a complicated […]


Diabetes Diet: Bajre Ki Khichdi Benefits And Recipe To Regulate Blood Sugar

Highlights Bajra is a whole grain that has been used in India for ages now Bajra contains insoluble fibre and magnesium which may help diabetics Bajra khichdi may be included in diabetes diet Diabetes is a condition where the levels of blood sugar in the body are persistently high for either of two reasons – […]


For Some, Tanning Isn’t About a ‘Healthy Glow’ — It’s an Addiction

Both genetic and psychiatric factors may play a part in tanning ‘addiction,’ according to a recent study from Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. “In our research we found that people with certain genotypes in DRD2 dopamine receptor genes are at higher risk of indoor tanning addiction, and those with elevated depressive symptoms are, too,” lead […]


These Tips Will Help You Save Time and Stress While Searching for Bail Bonds Service

When time and freedom are on the line, a lot can ride on finding the right bail bondsman. Whatever the criminal issue, there are probably numerous options competing for the high-stakes business. Nevertheless, several key factors can help ease the pressure of an already stressful situation. Look for Local Roots Some businesses operate better on […]


Bringing Literacy to the Blind

Blindness is a challenge faced by more than 250 million people worldwide. Many blind people are not integrated into society, often due to an inability to read. This comes from a combination of poor access to learning materials and a shortage of qualified teachers. If you’re interested in education or social work, becoming a braille […]