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Replace default contact photos on Android with Micopi

Each Android phone has an image it applies to your contacts that don’t have a photo. Whether it’s a generic silhouette, a two-color monogram, or a random color block, all of these options are a bit bland. If you want an easy way to make the images more interesting, then look no further than Micopi.

This free app, recommended by AndroidPolice, will let you create monograms with colorful geometric patterns in the background, adding some flavor to your list of people. Here’s how:

Grab a copy of Micopi for your Android device. Versions 2.3 and up are supported, so it should work on nearly any device.

Open the app and choose whether to apply the effect to a single contact, or all photoless contacts at once. (Warning: You cannot mass-undo this!). When you find the right design, tap the check mark to apply it to your contact.

Three benefits of choosing the single contact method are:

  • Ability to flip through variations of the resulting image with the arrows along the bottom before applying it to your contact’s entry.
  • Applying new images only on contacts you speak to regularly, making them easier to spot.
  • Not being locked into using designs you don’t like for multiple contacts.

This app is a nice way to add more color to your contact list, but it isn’t the only option. You can also use the Androidify app to create a bugdroid that has features similar to your contact, which was suggested by a commenter on the original article at AndroidPolice.