Google Maps will now try to guess where you are going

Google Maps will now try to guess where you are going

Google is known to add timely tweaks to its products, and the latest is Maps. The company has updated Maps to add a new Driving mode feature. This feature takes into account the web history of the user as well as current location, in order to figure out where you are headed. It will offer route information including traffic and other details, without even having to add the destination.

The new updated Maps version 9.19 is yet to be made available on the Play Store. Those who cannot wait, can check out the apk here. The app is already buggy and makes it had to enable to feature. One will have to find driving notifications and add a driving shortcut in the Navigation settings. But, one will not find a standard way to make them appear.

AndroidPolice points out, “Driving mode has to be enabled through some arcane set of steps on each device before it can actually be used. This is probably just a bug that will be fixed in a new release later this week, but for now I haven’t been able to pin down exactly which steps (or in what order) have to be taken to turn it on.”

For now, one will have to simply dabble to get the settings and add Driving mode shortcut. You will find Start Driving option in the Maps slide-out drawer.