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Indians can’t do without their smartphones while travelling

Indians can’t do without their smartphones while travelling: Study

Indicating a growing dependency on smartphones and gadgets and an urge to remain connected all the time, a survey has revealed 80% Indians use mobile devices to keep up with their work even when they are on vacations.

The Egencia/Expedia Mobile Behaviour Mobile Index, a global study of mobile device-related behaviour and preferences among travellers conducted across multiple countries and continents, found that India (80%) leads in checking in with work at least once a day followed by Thailand (74%) and Mexico (65%).

“In India, constant connectivity is a priority when mobile devices are carried in hand from work to home and now on vacation too. When we’re more efficient and productive using mobile devices and apps that provide a seamless experience, the quality of our vacation improves and the work-life balance can be prioritized,” Egencia India country director Amit Arora said.

The study was conducted among 9,642 adults across 19 countries aged 18 and above owning at least one mobile device by Northstar, a globally integrated strategic insights consulting firm. It was carried out online in November 2015 across North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific.

About 29% of Indians check mails, texts or voice mails for 30 minutes daily, it said. The study found that Indians lead globally (at 13%) in checking on work for more than 1 hour daily.

Further, about 74% of Indians seek free wi-fi in cafe or restaurant while on holiday. Business travellers use mobile devices to remain closely connected to their home or office, the study said.

Mobile devices are the top resource for navigation, for photo-taking and for staying connected to loved ones. The three countries that place the highest premium on mobile devices as a travel companion include China (where 94% of respondents ranked it 1) and Thailand (915%).

“The dependency on smartphone and gadgets have increased over a span of time and it is very well reflected in traveller behaviour. About 56% Indian travellers are addicted to their mobile devices, while 36% Indians carry a rechargeable pack or case or portable charger or spare battery to use as a backup when travelling,” Expedia India marketing head Manmeet Ahluwalia said.