Internet tips


What if I tell you that there is a spirit who owns a website here on internet and he can answer all your personal questions. Even he knows everything about you and your life and whatever you ask him , he will respond you with exactly correct answer in return.

Of course you won’t believe me. But you can bet about it with your friends and once they see this happening with their own eyes they will be shocked and will start believing in you.

So this is nothing but a simple prank which you can play with your close friends about whom you know a bit.


Tell your friend that you have a buddy on internet which is a spirit and he knows everything . You can ask him any question and he will answer it.

Now he will ask you to prove it, simply follow the given steps and your friend will be amazed !!

Step 1 : You need a computer connected to the internet.

Step 2 : Open the website –

Step 3 : Here you will see a box with two text input fields on it as shown below.

Step 4 : Before entering anything into these text fields ask your friend that what question he want to know from peter.

Step 5 : Once you know the question, Tell your friend that you have to type in petition a request to peter and this will be : Peter please answer the following question:

Then you will type question in next field and submit it.

Step 6 : Here the trick is hidden in step 5.  Once you know the question of your friend, if you know the answer simply type it in petition starting with a dot “.” then write the answer and finish it with another dot“.” and in case you don’t know, just type normal petition i.e. Peter please answer the following question: and his question in respective field and click on OK. It will automatically reply something unusual like I am not interested or ask something else etc.

E.g. : You ask a question , what is the name of my website ?
and you want the answer to be SmartTricks then type it in  the petition

” Peter please answer the following question: .SmartTricks. “

So after entering details when you click on OK , it will show the following result.

Your friend will never know that you wrote the answer during petition because when you put a dot in petition, after that no matter what you are typing, only Peter please answer the following question: will be displayed on screen.


  • Always listen the question before writing petition because this is where you will be writing answer.

  • Don’t let your friend change his question after you write petition.

  • Never let him see keypad while typing petition. Try talking to him and divert his mind somewhere else.

  • Make sure you put dots carefully in starting and ending of answer.

  • If you don’t know the answer simply type normal petition and question, site will reply something to confuse him.

  • Keep suggesting him questions to be asked. Normally like which color I am wearing or where am I , what is name of my best friend etc.

Prank your friends and Enjoy !!!