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Are you facing virus threats on your computer? Is your computer behaving abruptly or are you the victim of a disk crash?  Is your computer hacked by a Trojan horse virus attack? A Trojan horse virus attack is one of the most dangerous threats to your computer and needs to be fixed immediately. If it is not protected on time, then the virus can lead to failures in connecting to the IRC network or even worse can lead to your computer hacking and then your computer might be used by some anti social elements in shaping some criminal attacks.


Before knowing how to remove this evil threat first one should know what actually a trojan horse is? It is a security breaking program, also malicious to your computer and is disguised in some benign object. It can be downloaded unknowingly through any document, executable, zip, movie or music file and unleashes a dangerous malware into your drive on executing the files.


This malware can completely wipe your disk or can even send your credit card details and passwords to any stranger on the web. It is not at all operating system specific. It can affect any operating system but affects windows more promptly due to its popularity and weaknesses. This is a silent attacker and many people come to know about its attack after it has infected other connections.


  • There are many ways one can avoid itself from being a victim of this malicious virus but the best is to be attentive in downloading and executing files form an unknown source or person and also doing a background check of it, if downloading from a known source. But if you have already been a victim of it then you need to take immediate steps to remove it from your drive before it creates some major problem. You need to repair and then reformat your system completely to remove all malwares which may take from several hours to several days of time.

It is quite possible that the removal has not been done properly and may lead to coming back of the virus again and again in such cases you must take stronger measures to curb this problem.

  • Firstly you need to have anti-virus software installed in your system and that too an updated one or else they will miss the latest species of Trojan horse. Anti-virus software helps prevent the system from many Trojan viruses. Then make sure you have updated your operating system as well with all new security patches.
  • One may also have to install Anti-trojan programs like The Cleaner which specialize in Trojans. Once it is installed reboot your computer in safe mode and use the cleaner to clean all registries and drives for any Trojan suspected. Make sure the internet is unplugged while cleaning. Once cleaning is complete reboot the system again.
  • After using the cleaner make sure that you have updated your operating system and have changed all the passwords. Once the system is repaired make sure to take a backup of every data and reformat the system completely.