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LG G5 rumor roundup: What we know about LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone


Though LG recently launched its high-end V10smartphone in October 2015, rumors for its next top-tier device have already begun.

The handset is expected to join the company’s flagship line (now in its fourth iteration with the G4) and is presumably called the G5.

So far, LG confirmed it will unveil a flagship phone in February, during Mobile World Congress (a tech show in Barcelona, Spain, that’s focused on the mobile industry). That’s earlier than expected considering the G4’s April 2015 announcement, but it’s not uncommon for LG to tinker around with timing. The G3, as another example, came out in May 2014, so each year it pushes the release back one month earlier than the last.

The February timeline also coincides with LG’s rivals and their own product launches — Samsung and HTC are both expected to take the wraps off the Galaxy S7 and the new HTC handset, respectively, at MWC too.

But other than the date, there’s not much we officially know about the phone. Until its release, we’ll gather all the news and rumors about the handset here on this page, so check back frequently.