Ultimate BP Wall; An excellent workout bar for your home workout regimes

Ultimate BP Wall is an excellent workout bar that lets you perform challenging exercises at the comfort of your homes. The bar comes with extremely well-featured beams and three-position grips that help you enjoy a rock solid performance during every workout. The bar has been particularly customized for home-use and it directly bolts along the 16 inches wall studs. Likewise, it is also highly stable, thereby letting you, perform these exercises comfortably. The grips of this workout bars are also pretty soft and cozy. At the same time, they are also highly flexible, as the grips can be extended up to 20 inches from your wall. So, if you’re looking out to do pull ups in complete range motion with a series of variations; the Ultimate BP Wall can be an excellent option.


Features at a glance

  • Comes with pull up bars that aid in parallel grips.
  • Comes with a complete mounting hardware that holds all the instructions of installation.
  • The pull up bar is of gym quality and it is designed to be easily installed in your homes.
  • The powder coated finish is excellent.
  • Extremely sturdy device made of heavy-duty steel.
  • Grips are positioned at a distance of 10, 24 and 36 inches.
  • The mounting placed are kept at a 16 inches space from the center.

Steady and sturdy

Generally, the conventional pull up bars, are way less steady, compared to the wall mounted bars. However, this pull up bar will let you perform the pull ups without any additional vibration or wobbles along your body. This in turn, makes it easier for you to use the tool.

Complete set of instructions

Assembling and installing this pull up bar is extremely easy as it comes with a set of complete and detailed instructions. The instructions aptly guide you about the process of mounting the machine. So, you can easily get this machine installed by simply reading the manual.

Extensive body exercises

This is another useful feature of the device. As the bar comes with a series of grips, it offers extensive diversity while you choose your preferred exercise. The different positions of grip let you try a series of exercises that buck up the strength and power of your biceps and triceps. Likewise, you can easily tone your upper body with this bar and can also adjust your grips along the narrow level. You can even perform workouts in wide positions with this workout bar.

Extensive benefits

Well, besides the given features, the tool comes with a series of other tweaks that provide extensive benefits during the workout sessions. The workout bar is made of foam along the grips. This in turn, lets you easily grip the bar and exercise accordingly. The bar is also extremely solid in its construction. Made of heavy-duty steel, it can easily bear a weight of 220 lbs. So, even if you’re on the bulky side, this workout tool can be a great option. Apart from this, the pull up bar also comes with a strong and firm fixation along the sides of the walls. It can be easily fixed on your walls without having to go through a strenuous assembling session. Another impressive feature of the workout bar is that it lets you perform knee exercises with its high-end parallel grips.

Well constructed and neutral grips

This is another highly impressive feature of the tool. Not only is it well constructed, but it also lets you go for easy and neutral grips, thereby letting you enjoy the best from workouts.

Final verdict

So why wait when you can now splurge in the best? Go for this workout tool, for challenging workout sessions at the cozy comfort of your homes.