All-in-one Backup Solution- EaseUS Todo Backup

For every workstation or a personal computer user, it is quite important and essential to have the backups of the files and other data stored on the devices. When Windows 10 was about to launch on the market, numerous users searched and looked for a backup tool which has an advanced system of features. And guess what? We have found the best and one of the most advanced backup tools for you and that is EaseUS Todo Backup, which is also used for Windows 10 backup. We have dived deep into the software and came up with its brief review.


If you are one of those people out there who have to sift through a large amount of data, then it is important to have the backups with you. Because it is you who have to ensure the data is secure and safe. Though there are multiple devices out there which can help in backing up the data easily, yet they also have their own qualms and thus, we can lose our precious data. So, if you are looking for the reliable and a secure way for storing a large amount of data with you, then we have the EaseUS Todo Backup.

Features of EaseUSTodo Backup

  • Comes in 3 variants, i.e. for service providers, for businesses and for the home individual users.
  • For workstations, the business plans start to form $39 and goes till $799 for the ToDo Backup Workstation. It also has free trials.
  • Freeware software only for the home individual users.
  • Helps in learning about how to clone a hard drive Windows 10 with free tool supports. It is simple and easy.
  • Helps in backing up the system and also helps in recovering the system, if lost or damaged.
  • Helps in backing up and recovering all type of files and even offers an option for selecting the specific files.
  • It has an option for disk imaging which is best for backing up the entire disk partition or a volume. It is even important for the speed performance of the device and is highly effective for the large files.
  • Provides an option for scheduling the full backup on a regular basis along with the outlook email backup, system migration and compression.

The EaseUSTodo Backup integrates well with the Windows and it is easy to use. The users just have to click open the file and select the required files which need to be restored. This software even has an improved feature for the file selection which helps in easy viewing the files and folders. Also, it features a separate Management tab, which helps with the jobs checking and easily re-running along with the Log tab, which shows the report about the backups.

The EaseUS Todo Backup is a one-click backup solution which integrates well with the Windows 2000 and up versions. It is also cheaper than the other backup software available in the market, but it has support limitations and complex features. It is easy and simple to use software which has a concise and a simple customer support system. It is a really helpful tool for backups and performs well. It is one of that backup software which comes with amazing scheduling and reporting features. The free version of this software works perfectly, but if you have money to spend, then you can buy its paid version too.