Interesting Meat Breakfasts around the World

Meat in any form like chicken, fish or lamb is a very rich source of protein. It is easy to digest and is absorbed by the body faster, in comparison to vegetable protein where the fibre is not easily digested. It is also rich in fat and many vitamin and mineral sources, like vitamin A and phosphorous, making it a very rich source of body building food.Enjoying your meat as breakfast is not only healthy, but also highly recommended!


An Early Protein Hit

Eating meat likechicken, lamb or fish as a breakfast is good as you get your proteinearly in the day. You can start your day full of energy. At Licious you will get fresh meat and scrumptious cold cuts that are a joy to eat at breakfast and can be eaten in a variety of different ways according to the recipe you choose to use.Each of these is delightful to eat and you will enjoy your hearty breakfast that is well known across countries!

Chicken Breakfasts

Buy chicken meat online at Licious and make use of the minced chicken to make a tasty burger or indulge in the cold cuts like chicken salami or chicken ham. Chickenfrankfurter, the breakfast sausage, is an all time favourite breakfast dish all over the world. Chicken sausages in various flavours can be cooked easily; boiled or shallow fried, they are a healthy and tasty part of breakfast.

Fish For Breakfast

Buy salmon fish online at Licious to enjoy making a variety of different recipes which can be eaten as breakfast. Fish here at Licious is of good quality and is fresh to eat. You can enjoy making fish burgers which is a delightful breakfast, popular in America. Fish and chips are another all time favourite British breakfast which can be enjoyed. Enjoy a Stamp and Go, and rush to work right after; it is the name of aJamaican breakfast which is made of fish that looks like fritters.

Breakfast Lamb

Buy mutton atLicious whichis tender and fresh. Enjoy chopped meat with poached eggs which is a delightful dish from Turkey served with parsley. it is delicious. Enjoy a delicious burger which can be made with the fresh ground meat. You can enjoy an Italian hamburger heaven which is another delight made with meat and can be enjoyed as breakfast.Steak is another popular meat dish which is eaten as breakfast.

So go ahead order your meat from Licious, delivered to you within 90 minutes, and give your day a great start!