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How to get a smartphone of your needs

The world around us is advancing in technology and so are we. Smartphones entered our lives not more than 5 years ago and now they have become a prominent part of our lives. Companies are rolling out smartphones with impressive and unbelievable features. Amidst all the chaos of hundreds of features and different prices we as a customer are often confused on which phone to buy, which company to opt for and what price to give for the features. Finally, here we have got some tips to help you get your head straight in choosing the right smartphone.

How to choose the brand and features

This goes without saying that different brand offer different features, big smartphone companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC etc. offer the same features as of Companies like micromax, gionee etc. but at a higher price. What you need to understand is whether to go with the brand value or the features. If you are getting a new smartphone, a good advice would be to always look for features and not the brand, of course if you have a good budget than can go to the higher brands but a medium budget will satisfy your needs too.

Consider the use, whether you are teenager who’s just looking for a phone to play games listen to music click photos in short for entertainment, you can basically choose any brand, many new brands are launched everyday having phones featuring high end RAM and camera features at ridiculously low prices. If you are looking more of a professional phone go the higher end phones, you need to extend your budget and invest into a phone which will suit your business needs and is good in security as well. Try paytm mobile coupons and you will love it.

What we generally do is, set up a maximum budget and look up for smartphones near to that budget, rather than this you should look at the features you want and get a phone according to it. If you choose a phone based on money, you would be spending extra money just based on the looks of the phone.


Comparing the price: Online buying or offline buying

We have been accustomed to offline buying since a very long time, but after the introduction of e-commerce stores, it has become quite easy to choose a phone compare prices and get it delivered at your home. Before you trust an online site and purchase a mobile straight away, do check for the phone’s availability in stores nearby & also check for the brand’s service centers. New brands are launched everyday on these platforms but they have very few service centers across the country. If you think you are getting a better price online at a trusted website go for it. Coupons for shopclues and other offers from website might help you cut down the cost to a further extent.

We hope that our tips will help you choose a better smartphone. Be a smart buyer; look for features than for price.