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Feds urge all Galaxy Note 7 owners to power them down and cease use

samsung galaxy note 7 recall fire explosion

Holy smokes! Just when we thought this Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall couldn’t get any hotter, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has just issued a press statement urging all Galaxy Note 7 users to power down their devices and stop using them. They’re also investigating how Samsung is handling the recall.

Right now, the CPSC is coordinating with Samsung to announce an official recall of the device “as soon as possible.” This press statement comes on the heels of a string of Galaxy Note 7 devices malfunction due to battery overheating. Some of these incidents have resulted in phenomenal property damage, such as one man who’s Jeep Grand Cherokee was allegedly totaled by an exploding Note 7.

The CPSC isn’t certain whether Samsung’s recall method is sufficient. The current recall plan involves users sending their devices back to Samsung or their carrier and receiving a new device containing a different model of battery that doesn’t experience spontaneous combustion.

The organization also advises customers who experience any Note 7 related safety incidents to