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Mac Screen Recorder

I write this review after a lot of thought about it. I am a woman of 56 from India who had spent the majority of her life without even looking at a working computer. My son who has settled permanently in United States of America had recently gifted me a Macbook. I am not a complete illiterate when it comes to computer knowledge but I have never used the computers since I studied History in my college. So, I literally took to using computers only months ago. I should admit that I am practically glued to the Macbook daily. I use this to chat with my grandchildren in US and I browse the internet and find a lot of fun things to do. I watch many videos online and find it amusing.

I asked my son on how to record things that are visible on the display as I wanted to record all the wonderful memories that I share with my grandchildren. He asked me to install Movavi Mac screen recorder. At first I was unable to find the usage but quickly I was able to learn the features of the program. I began recording all my video calls with my grandchildren which came as a huge surprise to me. Moreover I was able to determine the video dimensions and the sizes. Later I had the opportunity to share these videos in many sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo etc. The video capture software also made to try uploading cookery lessons for my friends and family. I was always a gifted cook and my daughter-in-law asked me to teach her cooking over the internet and this programme was very helpful for me to record the videos and then send it to her. With the passage of time I became popular even in her friends circle.

The Mac Screen recorder also has an easy movie editing tool which makes it easier for even for an old person like me. This works like a jiffy and I am able to create quality videos in no time and upload them seamlessly to all the websites. Now my friends are asking me to upload the videos and start an online cookery class which, I am about to do in a short while. The programme comes as a free trial pack which is very helpful for checking out the features of the package before actually buying the same. This makes it easier for people to try it.