Dental Journal

Out of all of the medical professionals in the world, the dentist is the one which most people are afraid of. However, they shouldn’t be. Though the sharp instruments or feeling someone else’s fingers in your mouth can cause serious trauma, what dentists do for you is extremely important. In fact, if you look in any dental journal, you’ll realize the dentist is as important as your general practitioner or cardiologist. This is because your mouth is a guide to the rest of your body.

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If you look at a journal like, you’ll find articles which link healthy teeth and gums to general well-being. Actually, you may know this from recent check-ups you’ve had with the dentist. Why do they ask you to move your tongue to the roof of your mouth and to the sides? They’re looking for sores or other telltale signs around the gums which can determine if you have a mineral deficiency or possible oral cancer. If they detect a  sweet smell on your breath connected with increased swelling and bleeding of your gums, this could relate to a diabetic issue.

Extremely aware dentists know when a patient is bulimic from the tooth wear and increased cavities. Increased cavities are also connected to possible drinking problems as alcohol dries up the saliva which, in normal situations, slows erosion from natural and external acids. Dentists can even detect when a woman is pregnant! Increased progesterone causes an increase of bacteria in the mouth which leads to gingivitis.

And then there’s periodontitis. Combined with factors like smoking and unhealthy heating, studies have shown that inflammation of gums is directly connected to the swelling of blood vessels and, accordingly, heart disease or potential heart failure.

As you see from the examples above, dentists are the most important doctors out there. So, instead of being afraid of them, consult them on a regular basis. If you’re afraid of the instruments and other items they use, consider using a natural, or holistic, dentist. These physicians take a gentler approach to treatment and pain management. As usual, consult with Internet review sites and your friends for advice on where to go. Your mouth and your body will be most grateful.