Near-absence of education in manifestos

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KARACHI: In the absence of governmental organisations to provide authentic data for development indicators, it is the non-governmental orgainsations that are filling in the gap. For instance, Alif Ailaan has launched numerous such studies on the state of government educational initiatives and literacy improvement across the country.

In the past week, the NGO organised an event where candidates of various parties contesting from Sindh were invited to present their plan to deal with the education emergency in Sindh. To its dismay, even members of the parties who have been in the business for long were not able to put forward their plan to bring about significant change in the state of education in Sindh.

One wonders how political parties which promise to bring change in the country plan to do so without properly educating the great mass of the common people. Also, it is due to lack of education that the country’s population has seen an exponential increase. Moreover, without education the idea to introduce any kind of technology to the rural populace will not produce tangible results, and efforts at women empowerment will also be futile.