LETTER: Tackle education and land

Picture: ISTOCK

Getting rid of crooks, looters and thieves is the least of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s problems, nor his alone (Little time for Ramaphosa, July 20).

The ANC government has major problems to solve before our country can begin to grow at a rate that will lead to the alleviation of the poverty suffered by many of our people.

The education system needs to be rectified: classrooms and toilets must be of a standard conducive to learning; books, libraries, laptops and teaching aids must be provided; and teachers who are unable to perform adequately should be incentivised to improve their skills. The curriculum should be revised to facilitate technical and academic knowledge.

The land ownership situation is the result of massive failure by the ANC to meet the needs of our people. Access to land is an important factor in economic success. The policy must be that occupiers of state land, including that held by the Ingonyama Trust, be given ownership by title deed. Unused state land must be made available for private ownership, including in urban areas.