Chrome 68 Arriving for Chrome OS Devices, Brings PIN Sign-In Support, Material Design 2.0

Chrome 68 Arriving for Chrome OS Devices, Brings PIN Sign-In Support, Material Design 2.0

Late last month, Google Chrome 68 was rolled out to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android users, and now the update has arrived for Chromebook users as well. All Chrome OS devices are now receiving Chrome v68 stable version, and apart from the usual bug fixes and improvements, it also brings along the new Material Design 2.0 UI changes, PIN sign-in authentication, display size settings, and more.

Google Chrome version 68.0.3440.87 is rolling out for all Chrome OS devices, and the tech giant notes that it could take several days for all devices to get it. It contains a host of bug fixes and security updates, so we recommend you install it.

New features, as mentioned include, Material 2.0 design changes, PIN sign-in support where users will be able to unlock their devices via PIN from the lock screen, and new display size settings. Users can now control external display settings, with the ability to either manually or automatically adjust the size of content. Other features include 802.11r fast BSS transition support, ability to use ‘Select to Speak’ with touch/stylus only, addition of admin rights to enable/disable client-side native printing, and enabling/disabling ChromeVox through the side volume keys. On tablets and convertibles, users can now hold down volume keys for 5 seconds to turn ChromeVox on and off. The camera app gets high resolution image support, and improvements to overview visual refresh and motion spec. Users can now enable Select to Speak by selecting a specific text and pressing Search+S. Doing this will enable the selected text to be read aloud.

It also brings support for making the child account as first sign-in option, and two new shortcuts to toggle the magnifiers on or off have been added. Shortcuts for this have also been added like Ctrl + Search + M to toggle the fullscreen magnifier on/off, or Ctrl + Search + D to toggle the docked magnifier on/off. Meanwhile, Chrome 68 for Android users brought along Spectre site isolation feature, ‘Add to Home Screen’ prompt, and Android P-like tab switcher.