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Barbed wire machines provide new twists to a proven product

For more than 100 years, barbed wire has been the choice of the agricultural industry to secure and protect livestock. The reasons are several. First, it is cost effective when compared with other forms of fencing. Secondly, barbed wire fencing can be installed quickly and several acres per day can be secured. Third, barbed wire has proven to be effective for keeping livestock contained and for keeping unwanted predators from cattle, sheep and swine.

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In modern times, barbed wire manufacturers have expanded the applications for wire fencing and have developed products to suit a wider area of needs. Wire fencing is now common in commercial and industrial property where security is important. Prisons use a combination of chain link fencing topped with a special type of razor sharp barbed wire to secure inmates, for example.

To keep up with demand and produce an ever increasing customer base the machines that produce barbed wire products have also evolved. Modern machines can produce more wire fencing than in the past, can do so more efficiently and make a better quality product. They are capable of producing several gauges of wire strand for different tensile strengths. Modern machines utilize automatic wire feeders, digital programming to reduce labor costs.

Newer machines are capable of creating a variety of wire twists at different pitch levels and a multitude of spacing between twists. Chain link fencing weavers now produce several different patterns and sizes of weaves with computer control of the process. To prevent corrosion of wire fencing, PVC coatings can no be applied to the wire in a number of thicknesses. Top quality machines can coat up to 1000 feet of fencing per minute.

Because barbed wire is often used in tandem with chain link fences, many experienced manufactures produce both products. The advantage of this is that the customer does not need to shop around for multiple suppliers and can custom order a combination product with greater ease. For those purchasing wire producing machines for their own manufacturing, better companies offer assistance with delivery, set up and operator training on proper use of the machine.