WhatsApp for Android Gets ‘Swipe to Reply’ Gesture Support; Ability to Download External Sticker Packs Tipped

WhatsApp for Android Gets 'Swipe to Reply' Gesture Support; Ability to Download External Sticker Packs Tipped

A long time after its debut on iPhone, the anticipated ‘Swipe to Reply’ feature has now headed to WhatsApp for Android. The feature that is designed to let you quickly reply to your messages on the instant messaging app is currently available through beta version 2.18.300. The Facebook-owned company brought the identical experience to iPhone users back in June last year, and it was reported to reach Android devices last week. It was additionally reported to bring a Dark Mode that will transform the background with a dark treatment to help reduce strain on users’ eyes while using WhatsApp at night or in low-light environments. There isn’t any timeline around the debut of the Dark Mode, though it was last week reported that the feature will make way to both Android and iOS. Separately, WhatsApp is said to let you add more stickers to your selection through external sticker packs.

With the WhatsApp beta 2.18.300 for Android, you can now use the simple swipe gesture to quickly respond to a message. All you need to do is to swipe any individual message to the right to reply to that message on WhatsApp. The message will be quoted just above the text box to help you easily referred to it alongside your reply. Previously, you need to tap and hold on the particular message and then press the reply option from the top bar to respond to a message.

The new gesture support makes the experience faster as it helps you quickly respond to a message from an available thread. Also, it is useful especially if you are replying to a message in a WhatsApp group.

To download the latest WhatsApp beta on your Android device, you need to be a part of the official Google Play beta programme. Alternatively, you can download its APK file directly from APK Mirror. A WhatsApp version to enable the ‘Swipe to Reply’ feature is likely to reach through a public release in the coming days.

WABetaInfo claims that the external sticker support will be activated “soon,” however, WhatsApp hasn’t made any formal confirmation around the new addition.