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Things To Consider When Choosing The Telephone Service For Your Business

There are a number of things that must be decided upon before getting a business up and operational. One of the most important of these is which type of telephone service best fits my business needs. Do you need a full-service setup with phones on every desk or will you be need something more flexible which allows calls to be forwarded to remote and home workers? Do you prefer traditional landlines or is VoIP a better option? Let’s take a look at the different types of phone systems.

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Traditional landlines is the oldest type of phone system that you can acquire for your business. Because of this, it is a time-tested and extremely reliable option for providing phone service for a business. If you need multi extensions, the ability to transfer calls, and the need to set up a directory, then you will also need to install on-site PBX equipment.


If your business is located in an area that affords you a stable and reliable internet connection, then you may want to consider VoIP for your business phone solution. This type of phone system uses your existing internet connection handle calls. VoIP gives business the opportunity to set up a sophisticated, feature-rich phone system at a much better price point that if landlines where used.


This is the go-to solution if you plan to use remote workers. A virtual phone system forwards calls to works who are located at home or who are on mobile devices. Other features, such as call screening and automated receptionist are included with this type of service.

The determining factor for which service is best for your particular business needs ultimately comes down to what you need your phone service to accomplish. Regardless of which type of service you choose, you will want a system in place to handle any technical issues that may arise. If, for instance, you are in the area of South Florida, then you will want to contract with a company in the area that’s able to handle telephone systems repairs . This ensures the best service in a timely manner.