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Do You Realize That You Probably Use Silicon Wafers Every Day?

If you have an inquisitive mind, then you may be curious about how the things around you work. Surprisingly, there are things that you use on a daily basis that you have no clue about. One such thing is thin silicon wafers. You are probably asking yourself, what are silicon wafers and how exactly do you use them? Let’s take a look and explore the answers.

What Are Silicon Wafers

The first thing to know is that silicon is one of the most common elements on the planet and that it is highly conducive to electricity. As such, it makes the perfect foundation for semiconductors. During the fabrication process, silicon that varies in purity and electrical properties can be produced according to need. This allows thin silicon wafers to serve as key components of integrated circuits which is how they are primarily used.

How Is It Used

Integretated circuits are what powers the majority of modern devices. Whether you use a computer, watch tv, or spend all day on your smartphone, you are utilizing something that has silicon wafers inside. Smartphones, in particular, introduce new models every year with newer, faster processors. These processors are used to sway customers to choose one model over another. You may have heard of Snapdragon chip that powers many android phones or the A series chips that power Apple mobile devices. The next time you hear these names think of the thin silicon wafers that they are made from. Other uses for these wafers can be found in items such as solar panels and sensors.

Technology is a wonderful thing and you’d be surprised by how many remarkable ways you actually use it throughout the course of a day. Life can be hectic. If you ever stopped to think and imagine just how the things around you work, then you would probably discover other amazing technological advancements. Seeing how a tiny piece of silicon can accomplish so many things is just the tip of the iceberg.