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How To Prevent Losing A Business’ License To Do Alcohol-Related Business

Alcohol is legal in the majority of the world’s countries. However, the alcohol industries in most of these countries are protected by stringent rules and regulations. Most countries’ businesses, such as those in the United States, are required to register for, renew, and maintain licenses to serve, distribute, create, or otherwise deal with alcohol. Here are several ways to prevent losing your business’ alcohol license.

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Get Insurance To Protect Against The Risk Of Employees Failing To Check Patrons’ Identifications

In every state across the nation, cashiers, servers, and other employees who are responsible for selling alcohol are required by state law to make sure customers seeking out alcohol are at least 21 years of age. Although most employees follow these laws, some don’t. As a matter of fact, some aren’t scared to blatantly break the law. To prevent your business having to pay out-of-pocket for such transgressions or even going out of business, make sure to take an insurance policy out specifically against employees failing to card people looking to buy alcohol.

Can You Prove That Your Business Secures Its Alcohol Inventory Well Enough?

Believe it or not, businesses involved in the alcohol trade can lose their alcohol licenses if they fail to keep a close watch over their inventories of alcohol. Whether employees or outsiders steal businesses’ alcohol, state agencies are more than willing to crack down on businesses that fail to keep prying hands out of their stashes of legally-obtained alcohol.

Do You Train Your Employees On The Dangers Of Overserving?

People who serve alcohol are required to cut patrons off once they’ve become too inebriated. Make sure not to send any new hires to work without thoroughly training and quizzing them on how to prevent overserving.

Although alcohol has long been legalized, the United States regulates the proverbial socks off of alcohol. As such, it’s difficult to obtain and hold a Texas alcohol permit for breweries, bars, distilleries, restaurants, package stores, distributors, and other alcohol-related businesses. We can help your business stay on top of every state-level and federal regulation regarding alcohol.