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So, You Want to Become a Notary Public

You probably have seen these people doing their work on television shows, and you may have even used one in life. Their function is important in our society. They examine certain types of documents and determine their authenticity. They will then apply their notary seal to the document. There are many documents that need a notary seal, and the work is something that will always be needed. How do you become a notary? The answer is that it depends upon the state you live in. There are fundamental aspects of the laws in every state, and the differences are often trivial.

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There are residency requirements
You need to live in the state you want to operate your notary business. There are usually time requirements for your residency, but this is often short such as three to six months. Some states have agreements with neighboring states, so if you live near a state line, you may be able to service people in two states.

Not every state has educational requirements
There are courses that some states require you to take, but they are usually a couple of hours long. The states that require this will often have this course available online, so you can learn at your own convenience. Many states do not require you to take a course, but it is highly recommended that you do, so you will understand the process of the work you are performing. It will also make you a better notary.

You will need a bond
This is an employee dishonesty bond that is for the protection of your customer. Many of the documents that you will be notarizing have financial implications if you were to make a mistake. The bond is there to reimburse individuals for financial loss from these mistakes.

Other than the above items, you will need to pay an application fee that is sent with your application along with proof of your bond. You will need supplies. The most important will be your notary stamp. There are companies that sell them online. You will probably need to be sworn in. After that, you can begin your new career as a notary.