The Benefits of Trenchless Repair

It is the last thing any homeowner wants to wake up to, to find out a tree root has broken through your sewer line and now your basement is flooded. There are thousands of dollars of repairs outside and ruined belongings on the inside. However, you can cut costs on that emergency by opting for trenchless sewer repair. Here are the reasons this might be a better solution for your problem.

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Less Intrusive

Trenchless is far less complicated for the homeowner. Instead of brining in heavy machinery to dig up the yard, two holes are dug to complete the repair. The water will only be off for a day or two as opposed to a week or more. There is less of a disturbance to the landscape and the repairs are done far quicker than the other methods.

Easier On the Pocketbook

Choosing trenchless costs less than the tradition form of repair. Since only two holes are dug, it takes much less manpower to complete the repair slashing the labor cost. Your driveway and sidewalk will most likely remain intact during a trenchless repair. There will be less sod and vegetation for you to replace. The materials are less expensive than those used when a full trench is dug.

Lasts Longer

Trenchless repair uses either a polyethylene replacement to the damaged pipe or a cure-in-place liner to repair the broken sewer line. Both have a longer life than the original piece and are more economical. The two options are more resistance to tree roots and have no joints that can crack and fail. The polyethylene might be a better decision since there are chemicals in the liner that could seep into the ground around it. Both will attach well to the current sewer system that runs into your house creating an easy transition.