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Why Choose Woman-Owned Businesses?

At first glance it might seem odd to make business decisions based on the gender of the business owner. Why should that matter, after all? If, for example, you’re looking for a temp, what’s the point of specifically seeking out a woman owned employment agency in Boston or your area?

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Good for the World

There are many reasons to invest in women-owned businesses, not least of which is that it’s the right thing to do. Women have faced hundreds of years of oppression and discrimination in the workplace, and that legacy continues to this day. Women earn a fraction of what men earn, and have much more trouble getting the capital they need to start their own businesses. Investing in a woman-owned business is rooting for the underdog.

Good for Business

In addition to knowing that it’s the right thing to do, there are practical reasons to invest in women-owned businesses. Despite what stereotypes might say, research shows that women entrepreneurs tend to make smarter and more reliably successful financial decisions than their male counterparts. They are also far more likely to actually listen to feedback and criticism, take it on board and adjust their approach to compensate.

New Entrepreneurs Mean Fresh Ideas

Unfortunately, women are also statistically less likely to come forward and demand the attention that their male counterparts expect and receive without asking. You can help address the discrepancy by making a point to seek out women-owned businesses and hire women entrepreneurs for your business. Diversity of ideas in the business world must come from a diverse group of individuals, and if half the population is being disproportionately excluded on the basis of sex, that’s half the best and brightest new ideas getting weeded out before they can grow to fruition. Make a difference; make a point to look for woman-owned businesses today.