Parineeti Chopra’s ‘Ads Cover Pay Parity’ Comment Enrages The Internet

Parineeti Chopra's 'Ads Cover Pay Parity' Comment Enrages The Internet

Parineeti Chopra’s comments didn’t go down well with the Internet (courtesy parineetichopra)

New Delhi: 


  1. “Always felt like I deserved a little bit more,” said Parineeti
  2. “Girls do a lot of endorsements,” she added
  3. “That is why I never talk about it,” Parineeti also said

Actress Parineeti Chopra, who is often at the receiving end of Twitter’s criticism, was ridiculed yet again and this time for her comments on Bollywood’s pay discrimination. In a segment named TapeCast on a Film Companion interview, the actress told Sidharth Malhotra that she thinks women stars endorse “more” brands to make up for the pay gap: “Always felt like I deserved a little bit more but I got this much but we do make it up with endorsements. Girls do a lot of endorsements. So, we kind of make it up there. That is why I never talk about it because the boys don’t do as many endorsements as the girls do – and I hope I’m right and not wrong. But we do so many like beauty commercials, hair commercials, I think we kind of cover it up with that.”

Parineeti’s comments on pay disparity didn’t go down too well with a section of Twitter, who condemned her comments and said: “She has lost it.” One Twitter user wrote: “So basically you are working more to ‘make up’ for the lesser pay. She said it herself… But couldn’t hear herself it seems” while another sarcastically commented: “Who cares about pay parity when you can do beauty and hair commercials.”