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Making Your Glock Your Own

Whether you shoot a Glock pistol for sport, personal protection or as part of your job, there’s one thing for sure; if you don’t make any cosmetic changes it will look just like every other Glock on the planet! Glocks are not really known for style as much as function, so it’s up to you to class up your pistol with cosmetic upgrades to match your personal style.

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Ceramic Coating Parts

Changing the color of metal parts such as the slide is very easy to do with ceramic coating. Most gunsmiths offer ceramic coating services using products from vendors such as Cerakote Coatings. The coatings are extremely durable and can be made with a variety of solid colors as well as graphic patterns. Check Instagram or Pinterest pistol pages and you’ll see lots of examples of this.

Cosmetic Trigger Upgrades

In addition to making your Glock easier and more pleasant to shoot, glock trigger upgrades can be made with different color trigger body and trigger shoe to offer a unique style. Many of these kits contain various weight trigger springs so you can tune the trigger pull to your liking as well.

Grip Texture Upgrades

One thing that many people don’t like about Glock pistols is the slick grip surface. Luckily there are options to overcome this with both permanent and temporary solutions. Stipling is a technique using heat to melt a grip enhancing texture into your existing grip, and this is a service that most gunsmiths can perform. As it is a permanent modification, you’ll want to be sure to use only a reputable gunsmith and see samples of their stipling work before committing to the upgrade. Other solutions are available for non-permanent grip enhancement tape from vendors like Talon Grips. These products wrap over the existing grip offering a rougher texture for an enhanced gripping surface.

Make your Glock pistol stand out for the crowd with cosmetic upgrades!