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What does an electronics engineer do?

Electronics are an important part of the modern world and electronics engineers design many of the components needed in technological devices. Here are some of the important things you need to know if you want to be an electronics engineer.

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The Basics

If you work in electronic engineering in San Jose, you will work with different types of electrical systems. You may specialize in research and development to design new software or create electronic components for a larger project. You could also look over new research applications and suggest modifications to make a product work better. Additionally, you might work with customers to identify their needs and help them find the right kind of electrical system.

The Background

If you want to work as an electronics engineer, you will need a background in technology. Many people study physics, mathematics and engineering to gain the necessary knowledge. Additionally, you will likely need to become familiar with different electrical components, such as processors and circuit boards. As you learn the basics, you may learn how to use software programs so you can develop and test new electronic applications.

The applications

You can apply your electronic engineering skills in several different ways. You might work for manufacturing or computing companies and design the electronic devices needed in these industries. Additionally, you can work in aviation and collaborate with other scientists on radar and communication systems and satellites.

Within this, you can specialize in one of several subfields. You may become an expert in radio frequency engineering. In this subfield, you typically focus on the wireless technology needed for Wi-Fi and cellphones. You may also focus on software engineering. Many electronic products need software to run correctly and you might design this software.

Electronics engineering can be an exciting field. If you are interested in technology, you have many opportunities to use your knowledge.