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How to Batten Down the Hatches at Work

The end of summer and beginning of fall are notorious times for major storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes to develop. Even if you’re not in a coastal city or on a plain prone to tornadoes, you should make a plan for keeping your business safe during a storm.

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Before the Storm

Some major thunderstorms and tornadoes spring up with little notice, but most hurricanes and tropical storms are tracked for days before they reach your area. Install a radar app on your phone that delivers alerts whenever a storm watch or warning is issued for your area. With an eye on the radar, bring any outdoor advertising materials into your store, collapse umbrellas, and secure your outdoor seating. Choose one of the parking lot sweeping companies Washington to clear your property of debris. Analyze the risk of the storm and decide whether to close your business for the day. Particularly if some of your employees can’t drive, make sure to give them plenty of notice about this call.

During the Storm

If you stay open during the storm, monitor the parking lot for flash flooding and do not let your employees leave the building. At the first warning of a tornado or dangerous winds, temporarily close so that you and your employees can shelter in a room without windows.

After the Storm

Once the storm is over, it’s time to assess the damage it did. Inspect your outdoor property and check for flooding in your basement. Have your employees clean up the front of your building. If your windows are broken or any other hazards remain, close for the rest of the day so that they can be fixed.

Sometimes it’s hard to make a good call about what to do during a storm. Evaluate your response after each major storm so that you can choose a better course of action next time.