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4 Tips for Buying Office Furniture on a Budget

Many small businesses find it necessary to control spending when it comes to setting up a new office. While essential, office furniture can prove costly without careful consideration. Following four basic tips will prevent overspending on furnishings.

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1. Develop a Plan

If you have little to spend, setting a plan will help set priorities and identify true needs. The strategy should include a list of office furniture needed, as well as other issues that should be considered. These include ergonomic concerns, size of work stations and floor plans.

2. Set a Budget

Establishing a detailed budget is a key element when it comes to implementing the plan of action. It is necessary to factor in things such as square footage, office layout, amount of employees and the number of desks, chairs and work spaces needed. Sticking to the budgeted amount is essential, as costs can get out of control fast.

3. Consider Used Furniture

Finding Indianapolis used office furniture has become quite simple in recent years. There are many second-hand furniture stores, as well as online sites that specialize in used furnishings. It is also becoming more common to find stores that sell refurbished furniture that is almost impossible to distinguish from new.

4. Look for Deals

If you are setting up your office at certain times of the year, you are sure to find some great sales. Even if the timing isn’t right, there are usually deals to find. It just requires a little research and effort. Searching the internet is a good place to start, regardless of whether you purchase online or look for local stores that are running specials. Shopping at furniture warehouses could also lead to extra price savings.

Implementing these four steps will enable you to buy quality office furnishing at a price that won’t break the bank.