Pentagon award to recognise US drone operators

WASHINGTON: The US military will create a new way to recognize drone operators and other service members who contribute to America’s fighting efforts from afar. According to a Pentagon memo due out today, the military will introduce a new “R” designation — known as a “device” — that can be attached to medals given to […]


Google Testing More Detailed Weather Card for Google Now

According to some Android users, Google is testing a revamped weather card in Google Now. The card includes new features along with major changes in design and looks. The new weather card in Google Now maximises, appearing like a full-fledged app. You can swipe to switch between Today, Tomorrow, and the next 10 Days. The […]


iBall Slide 3G Q81 Tablet With 8-Inch Display Launched

iBall has launched a new Slide-series tablet, the Slide 3G Q81, priced at Rs. 7,999. The company says that the new iBall Slide 3G Q81 tablet will be available via retail stores starting early January. The Android 5.1 Lollipop-based Slide 3G Q81 tablet comes with 64-bit quad-core Intel Atom X3 processor clocked at 1GHz. It […]


Apple Making ‘Move to Android’ App for iPhone Users

Apple is said to be working on a tool that will allow iPhone users to more easily switch to Android. As per a media report, the change of heart comes as European carriers continue to put pressure on the Cupertino-based company. Apple has agreed to develop a tool that will allow users from the iOS […]

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Replace default contact photos on Android with Micopi

Each Android phone has an image it applies to your contacts that don’t have a photo. Whether it’s a generic silhouette, a two-color monogram, or a random color block, all of these options are a bit bland. If you want an easy way to make the images more interesting, then look no further than Micopi. […]

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How to share a phone number from an iPhone to a basic phone

The easiest way to share contact information from your iPhone to another iPhone is simply to use the Share Contact feature when viewing a contact to text or email a vCard. A vCard contains all of the contact information you have on file for a contact, and its VCF file format can be read by […]

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Fend off parasites by washing your sheets this way

If you wait until your sheets start getting crunchy before you wash them, listen up. You need to wash your sheets once a week. Why? Sweat and skin particles build up on your sheets while you sleep, giving dust mites a lovely environment to live and breed. This can lead to allergy problems. Not only […]

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How to only see your emails with attachments in iOS’ Mail app

Before seeing this OS X Daily post, my method for finding an attachment in an email using the iOS Mail app was to scroll and scroll through my inbox, stopping briefly each time I saw the little paperclip icon to see if that was the message with the attachment for which I was searching. Little […]

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Change chat nicknames and more in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger recently reached 800 million users — that’s a lot of chatting! If you’re part of that number and find yourself juggling several conversations, Tech Recipes reminds us that Messenger offers a few ways to customize each conversation. This can help prevent you from messaging the wrong recipient, or just tune the theme to […]

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Add a free second number to your phone with Sideline

A mobile phone can have only one phone number, right? Wrong. Apps such as Burner and Google Voice can give you a second number, after a fashion. The newest option: Pinger’s Sideline, a business-oriented app that supplies a free second number for yourAndroid phone or iPhone. The idea here is that your smartphone is your […]