Near-absence of education in manifestos

KARACHI: In the absence of governmental organisations to provide authentic data for development indicators, it is the non-governmental orgainsations that are filling in the gap. For instance, Alif Ailaan has launched numerous such studies on the state of government educational initiatives and literacy improvement across the country. In the past week, the NGO organised an event […]

Education Internet

Bot vs. Bot: Will the Internet Soon Be a Place Without Humans?

The internet, as it stands, is a global system of interconnected computer networks that allows humans to interact with each other, do business, gain knowledge, and be entertained. Google allowed us to find everything we need. Amazon allowed us to buy everything we need (or don’t need). Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  allow us to share everything about […]


Bihar’s bahaar, evident in education

It is not uncommon to hear about sob-worthy tales of unemployment in Bihar. Joblessness has become a standard norm for students who await examinations endlessly in various universities across the state. But all this pales in comparison to the latest news concerning applicants for guest teacher posts in Bihar schools. A state which boasted of […]


Professor who helped shape State’s education policy

John Coolahan, emeritus professor of education at NUI Maynooth, who has died aged 77, was the premier authority and one of the most influential shaper of government policies in Ireland for over six decades in all sectors of learning. Soft-speaking “Johnny”, as he was called, was a tall burly man with a gift of reconciling people […]


Schools ‘need staff dedicated to teaching sex education’

Schools need dedicated sex-education teachers with a professional qualification in the subject, according to the body representing managers of religious-run – predominantly Catholic – schools. The availability of teachers trained and willing to teach teenagers about sex education is a challenge, John Curtis, of the Joint Managerial Body (JMB), told the Oireachtas Education Committee. Mr […]


The Most Cherished Skills That Students Need to Succeed As Doctors

More and more students look forward to embark on a career in medicine and the reason is well known. Unlike many other professions, a good medical practitioner has the potentiality to earn huge amount of money simply by offering his or her services to needy patients at a certain cost. But, the important thing is, […]