The priorities for education and research in Italy

In Italy, the overriding aim of higher education is to promote the scientific progress of the country and to ensure that all citizens can take part in education and training that will lead to employment. When it comes to higher education in Italy, the key principles are detailed in the Italian Constitution, adopted in 1947. Article […]


Education: More a bulldozer than a great leveller

Anxious parents have been calling a lot recently. The child is in Grade 7 and waiting to hear from the schools s/he applied to for the first year of high school. Or the young adolescent is in Grade 12 and it is not clear whether s/he will be accepted to the universities applied to. The […]


Schools miss out in rush to set up academies, MPs find

A rush to set up academies is leaving hundreds of schools ignored by inspectors amid mounting costs for the taxpayer, parliament’s spending watchdog has found. The public accounts committee has concluded that escalating problems in the sector have left civil servants scrambling to change how they examine prospective academies’ financial viability and sponsors’ ability. In […]


Texas Education Agency starts contracting process for special education overhaul

The Texas Education Agency is starting the search for organizations to help school districts overhaul special education following a federal finding that the state had effectively denied students with disabilities access to needed services. Agency officials Monday put out a call for applications for more than $20 million in grants, with applicants limited to Texas universities and […]


The Department of Education’s Obama-Era Initiative on Racial Disparities in School Discipline: Wrong For Students and Teachers, Wrong on the Law

As the title suggests, the article makes two arguments: (1) The Obama Administration’s aggressive application of disparate impact theory to school discipline, is a bad policy; and (2) It goes beyond the scope of the federal government’s authority too. I’ll discuss the second argument in another post. Right now, let me give you a taste […]


Near-absence of education in manifestos

KARACHI: In the absence of governmental organisations to provide authentic data for development indicators, it is the non-governmental orgainsations that are filling in the gap. For instance, Alif Ailaan has launched numerous such studies on the state of government educational initiatives and literacy improvement across the country. In the past week, the NGO organised an event […]

Education Internet

Bot vs. Bot: Will the Internet Soon Be a Place Without Humans?

The internet, as it stands, is a global system of interconnected computer networks that allows humans to interact with each other, do business, gain knowledge, and be entertained. Google allowed us to find everything we need. Amazon allowed us to buy everything we need (or don’t need). Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  allow us to share everything about […]


Bihar’s bahaar, evident in education

It is not uncommon to hear about sob-worthy tales of unemployment in Bihar. Joblessness has become a standard norm for students who await examinations endlessly in various universities across the state. But all this pales in comparison to the latest news concerning applicants for guest teacher posts in Bihar schools. A state which boasted of […]


Professor who helped shape State’s education policy

John Coolahan, emeritus professor of education at NUI Maynooth, who has died aged 77, was the premier authority and one of the most influential shaper of government policies in Ireland for over six decades in all sectors of learning. Soft-speaking “Johnny”, as he was called, was a tall burly man with a gift of reconciling people […]


Schools ‘need staff dedicated to teaching sex education’

Schools need dedicated sex-education teachers with a professional qualification in the subject, according to the body representing managers of religious-run – predominantly Catholic – schools. The availability of teachers trained and willing to teach teenagers about sex education is a challenge, John Curtis, of the Joint Managerial Body (JMB), told the Oireachtas Education Committee. Mr […]