Dell Finalises Huge EMC Deal to Become a Tech Titan

US computer maker Dell said Wednesday it completed the acquisition of data storage firm EMC, creating the largest privately held technology group with a range of computing services. The completion creates a new firm called Dell Technologiesand finalizes a record $67 billion (roughly Rs. 4,45,231 crores) deal for EMC, which will help the struggling PC […]


North Korea’s Computer Operating System Mirrors Its Political One

North Korea’s homegrown computer operating system mirrors its political one, according to two German researchers who have delved into the code: a go-it-alone approach, a high degree of paranoia and invasive snooping on users. Their research, the deepest yet into the secretive state’s Red Star OS, illustrates the challenges Pyongyang faces in trying to embrace […]

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  Are you facing virus threats on your computer? Is your computer behaving abruptly or are you the victim of a disk crash?  Is your computer hacked by a Trojan horse virus attack? A Trojan horse virus attack is one of the most dangerous threats to your computer and needs to be fixed immediately. If […]


Pushbullet adds picture messaging for computer

So yesterday I sent a friend a screenshot via Pushbullet’s Chrome extension, for no other reason than I assumed the feature was always there. It worked fine and I wondered why I had never used it before. This morning I realized why – Pushbullet just added computer-based picture messaging yesterday and I didn’t even realize […]


Microsoft Ends Support for Windows 8 on Tuesday

If your computer is still running Windows 8, it is time for you to upgrade to a newer version. Alongside several versions of Internet Explorer Web browser (IE10 or below), the three-year-old desktop operating system will also hit its end of support on Tuesday. Users on Windows 8 will receive the last security patch update […]