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A Pokemon-inspired Rick and Morty mobile game is arriving next week

With season 3 of Rick and Morty still eons away (the rumor mill estimates March 2017… ouch), fans of the irreverent sci-fi comedy have been starving for any new content involving their favorite characters. Now the wait for the next season might be a little bit easier, because Adult Swim has announced that Pocket Mortys […]

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Steam Winter Sale Proved to Be a Huge Success, Leaked Valve Report Tips

Steam Winter Sale statistics published by Valve on Monday were meant for its developer-partners only, but the data was accidentally made public, according to Steam DB. It details the results of the changing face of Steam sales, and Valve is pleased with how things went. In its report, the company noted there were more than […]


Doom Reboot Will Have Keycards, Weapon Mods, and More

One of the most popular and influential games of all-time, Doom is set to receive a reboot sometime this year. Details have been scant so far, but the latest issue of video gaming magazine Game Informer and its corresponding podcast have brought respite for eager fans. Keycards were essential to the original game, and probably […]


Epic Games Blocked Beta Signup Because User Was on US Watchlist

Muhammad Zakir Khan lives in Florida, USA and works at Broward College teaching introduction to public speaking among other things. He also likes to game, but was greeted with a rather rude awakening when he tried to sign up for the beta to the new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game from developer Epic Games […]