Google Cardboard SDK now supports spatial audio

Developers working with Google Cardboard apps can now create realistic sounds the way humans experience them like when a fire truck zooms by or when an airplane is overhead. Google has announced that the Cardboard SDKs for Unity and Android support spatial audio so developers can create immersive audio experiences in their virtual reality (VR) […]


Google creates new virtual reality division

Clay Bavor, the Google VP previously in charge of Google Cardboard and various Google apps, has just been appointed to head up a newly created virtual reality division at Google. The shift demonstrates just how serious Google is getting about VR. While Google Cardboard was a runaway success, especially with schools and its partnership with […]


Google Cardboard getting spatial audio

Good news for Cardboard app developers and the rest of us as well. Today on their officialdevelopers blog, Google announced that they’re bringing spatial audio capabilities to the Cardboard SDK. This looks to make virtual reality even more immersive on the company’s playful little VR heardset. Spatial audio is basically the ability for apps to […]