Google Releases Chrome 70 Beta With Support for Fingerprint Sensors for Web Authentication

Google has released the latest beta version of Chrome 70 with touch-sensitive web authentication for Android and Mac devices, adding an extra layer of security to the browser. “Mac’s Touch ID and Android’s fingerprint sensor would allow developers to access biometric authenticators,” Google wrote in a blog post this week. The Chrome 70 beta version comes with the shape detection feature […]


Google Chrome to Get Native Cast Support

Google is working on a way to build a casting service inside the Chrome browser. Until now users would have to download and install Google Cast Chrome extension to stream music, videos, and other webpages from the browser to their Chromecast-connected TV. Francois Beaufort from the company’s Chrome division on Tuesday posted that the Chromium […]

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You can Come across DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG error in Google Chrome, Firefox or any other Browser. The error Stops you from accessing Web Pages like Facebook, Gmail or itself. This Error in your Browser Points out that DNS lookup Failed while loading the webpage for you. It doesn’t matter which Windows Version you are using, This is […]


You soon won’t need a browser extension to cast your Google Chrome tabs

The Google Chromecast is a handy little device that lets you cast just about anything you’d like to your television, monitor, or basically any other screen with an HDMI port. If you’ve ever tried to mirror Google Chrome tabs from your desktop to your Chromecast, you’ve likely stumbled across the handy Google Cast Chrome extension […]

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This Google Chrome extension alerts women to stop saying “sorry” at work

NEW YORK: Saying sorry might sound like good manners but a new app is helping women to stop apologizing so often that they undermine their authority, particularly in the workplace. “Just Not Sorry” highlights each time a user types a key word or phrase such as “sorry,” “I think” or “I’m no expert” in email, […]