Tech Updates

Scientists Create First ‘Growth Chart’ for the Milky Way

Researchers have created the first-ever ‘growth chart’ for Milky Way, which shows how our galaxy grew from its infancy to the bright spiral galaxy we see Monday. The chart uses the ages of more than 70,000 stars and extends halfway across our galaxy to 50,000 light-years away. “Close to the centre of our galaxy, we […]

Tech Updates

New Device Could Produce, Detect Gravitational Field

Scientists have proposed a revolutionary device which they say could create detectable gravitational field, an advance that may transform physics and shake up Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Until now, a scientific advance like this was a dream of science fiction, but it could open up many new applications such as telecommunications with gravitational waves […]

News Updates

New Self-Adaptive Material Heals Itself, Stays Tough

Scientists have invented a self-adaptive material that heals itself and bounces back from extraordinary compression which may be useful for tissue engineering or lightweight structural applications. The material created by researchers at Rice University in Texas, US combines self-healing and reversible self-stiffening properties. Called SAC (self-adaptive composite), the material consists of what amounts to sticky, […]