Snag this illustrating software on sale for 50% off

Let’s face it: Technology makes life a lot easier, doesn’t it? With a few swipes and taps, you can do just about anything from hailing a cab, to meeting romantic suitors, to ordering a heaping plate of lo mein straight to your doorstep. However, one of the (very) few things technology can’t simplify is art. Sure, there […]

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GE moving headquarters to Boston for tech talent, tax cut

General Electric Co said it will move its global headquarters to Boston, tapping the city’s technology talent and likely lowering its tax bill as the industrial conglomerate seeks to lift profit and emphasize digital capabilities. The maker of aircraft engines, locomotives, power turbines and household appliances will move to temporary quarters by next summer, and […]


Apple patent points to better speaker technology on the iPhone 7

Apple was recently awarded a patent which it applied for back in 2013. The patent clearly points to a revamped speaker design that makes use of an audio chamber inside the device, allowing it to pump out louder and clearer audio. The patent goes on to describe how difficult it has become in recent times […]

Mobile Updates

Samsung will mass produce Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chips

Samsung has said it will mass produce Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 mobile processors using its 14-nanometre chip production technology. Samsung said in a statement the manufacturing technology used for the chips was the same as one being used for its new Exynos processors. The South Korean firm did not elaborate further or reveal the value of […]

Tech Updates

New Smartphone-Based System Could Help Diabetics Control Blood Sugar

Diabetics may soon be able to ditch constant finger pricks and insulin injections, thanks to a new smartphone-based system that can automatically control blood-sugar levels. A smartphone, combined with a tiny sensor and wearable insulin pump, can stand in for pancreas, monitoring blood-sugar levels and delivering insulin as needed, researchers said. The system will enter […]


Uber Pushes Into Public Transit With New App Partnership

Transportation technology company TransLoc announced on Monday a partnership with Uber, marking a significant advancement in the ride-hailing company’s effort to ally itself with public transit agencies. TransLoc, which builds technology products for public transit passengers and agencies, will integrate Uber into the TransLoc Rider app, a smartphone application that provides real-time bus tracking and […]

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HDR tech in TVs promises sharper colours, but not much to watch

LAS VEGAS: For years, TV makers have focused on making pictures sharper by squeezing more pixels onto screens. Now, their attention is shifting to improving the way sets display colour, with a newish technology called HDR taking center stage. HDR, or high dynamic range, promises brighter whites, darker blacks, and a richer range of colors […]

Tech Updates

Driverless taxi on Seoul campus offers glimpse of future

SEOUL: A South Korean university is testing a sedan that can pick up and transport passengers without a human driver, giving a glimpse into the future of autonomous public transport. Seo Seung-Woo, director of the Intelligent Vehicle IT Research Center at Seoul National University, said the university has been testing the driverless taxi to transport […]

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Renault-Nissan alliance plans self-driving cars over next four years

SAN FRANCISCO: The alliance between automakers Renault and Nissan will launch more than 10 cars with self-driving technology over the next four years in the United States, Europe, China and Japan, the partnership’s leader said. The alliance also said it hired technology executive Ogi Redzic to lead its connected car efforts as senior vice president […]