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Best Windows 10 apps for the College Football Fan

College Football season is just around the corner and for many, the next few months is more of a religious experience than a sporting event. To help the College Football fans stay in tune with their favorite Collegiate teams, there is a host of Windows 10 apps available in the Store. These apps not only […]


Microsoft Says Upcoming Processors Will Only Support Windows 10

Microsoft is curtailing hardware support for older versions of Windows. The Redmond, Washington company has announced that moving forward new processors from major chipmakers will only support Windows 10. This is company’s newest move to push users to make the switch to Windows 10, limiting their OS of choice when buying new hardware. Essentially, all […]


Guide to the Windows Store: Finding and installing apps

If you’re looking for new Windows 10-optimized apps that are designed for both desktops and mobile devices, you’ll need to go through the Windows Store. The Store has been completely revamped from its Windows 8 iteration, but it’s not too difficult to navigate (it’s an app store, after all). In the Windows Store you’ll find […]


Skype to soon add group video calling feature on iOS, Android and Windows 10

Microsoft will soon add group video calling feature to its Skype mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows 10. The feature is said to be released in the coming weeks. Users who wish to try out the feature before its official roll out can pre-register on Microsoft’s site. In addition, the company is also celebrating Skype’s 10th […]

Windows Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile Now Running on Over a Million Smartphones

Last week, Microsoft revealed that its latest Windows OS version, Windows 10 is now running on 200 million devices. According to the firm, this was the fastest adoption rate of any of its operating systems as the OS launched five months ago. The Redmond-based tech giant however, did not breakdown the numbers device-by-device. Now it […]

Windows Mobile

Garmin lists Lumias that will work with its fitness wearables with Windows 10 Mobile

Garmin has published a list of Lumia phones that are compatible with its collection of Bluetooh Low Energe-capable devices, which include a collection of GPS-enabled watches, exercise bands, and standalone GPS units. The phones on the list will need to be updated toWindows 10 Mobile in order to pair with Garmin’s list of products. A […]